Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yet another tale of the freaktastic things that happen in my homestead

Ok, it's no secret that random freaktacular things happen at my house. Like the time that Alex crawled into bed with me one morning and I heard my toilet flush and the water turn on like someone was washing their hands. I figured it was Becky, thinking that she must've run out of toilet paper and used the bathroom in my room. When I asked her about it (or she asked me, I can't remember) we determined that not one of us (me, her or Alex) had even been in the bathroom at that point.

Or the time when Greg was using that bathroom in my room and my hairbrush flew from the counter and into the shower.

And there was the night I was home all alone. I was sleeping and was abruptly woken up by my stuffed frog hitting me in the face. The frog sits at the end of my bedside table and all 5 cats (this was before Smokie) were sleeping on the side closet to the wall. No reason that frog should've hit me in the face, but it did.

I've found the backdoor unlocked multiple times. That door is NEVER used and is locked at all times cuzz I tend to freak out a bit if it's not since it's so close to my bedroom. Well, what happened last night has been one of the more freakier things to happen, I think.

Greg and I were sitting on the couch watching Wife Swap and making fun of how the one couple cried. A lot. Seriously, the chick from California started to cry cuzz she had arranged for a limo to take the daughter and her friends somewhere and the daughter was kinda nervous about it cuzz she'd never done anything like that before. o_O


We're sitting there on the couch ripping on the families cuzz that's what you do when you watch Wife Swap. All of a sudden there was this loud whirring noise that came from the backdoor where the washer and dryer was. I jumped and looked at Greg and asked if he'd had a load of laundry going, thinking that I just hadn't heard the washer when it was filling with water. He kinda looked at me funny and said no. I turned on the lights and went back to investigate. I ran back to the living room and told Greg that the washer was going. The fucking thing just started itself up! Seriously! There were no clothes in it and the lid was up and I could very clearly see the tub spinning. Greg went back and unplugged it and it kept going. He came back out in the living room to tell me that he'd unplugged it and he started to go back there again. He got halfway through the kitchen and it finally stopped.

Uh... The hell?! I thought shit like that was only supposed to happen in the movies!

And yeah, I find it kind of amusing that it happened this close to Halloween.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A blogging I shall go...

It's been an interesting week or so around here. Jesse and Kat came up from Georgia and I got to know her a little bit. Honestly, I wish I had more time to get to know her before they left for Ft. Bragg cuzz I did most of the talking. Heh. Y'all know how I get with teh booze is involved. :-P Anyway, she actually reminds me a lot of myself, which is somewhat funny. Never thought Jesse would go for someone like ME but hey, I AM awesome, so I really shouldn't be surprised.

A few days before the wedding, my step-dad decided it would be a good idea to get an illness that mainly affects children and damn near die. He had been at the cardiologist setting up an appt for surgery and when he left, I guess he started to have trouble breathing and swallowing. See, he got a sore throat the day before but didn't think much of it cuzz, really? He's an adult and adults get sore throats all the time and are fine. He called my mom and told her what was going on and wouldn't let her call an ambulance for him. He drove himself to the hospital. o_O Seems being stubborn means you can drive when you really shouldn't be. (Yeah, ok, so I would probably have opted to drive myself, too, if I were already on the road, like he was.) Long story short, he ended up on a vent and was told if he had gotten there 5 minutes later, he probably wouldn't have been able to be intibated. He was diagnosed with Epiglottitis, which is a swelling of that little flap at the back of your throat that keeps food from going into your windpipe when you swallow. Now, normally, this is found in kids about 2-7 years old. According to the nurses, he was the 4th adult they'd had on the floor with that condition. (Interesting little factoid for people that went to high school with me... One of his nurses during his stay? Angie Shifflet! No shit dudes! I knew she worked at Genesys cuzz I talked to her to set up an ambulance transport once, but I didn't realize that she was a nurse. And she's married, but not to Chris.) Anyway, he was on the vent for a few days and it was pretty scary to see him that way. He was VERY grey in color and he couldn't talk (obviously) and when he had to cough? You couldn't hear ANYTHING, but you could see the look of pain just wash over his face. It fucking sucked to watch.

Thankfully, he was taken off the vent Saturday night, but not released, so the wedding was in the atrium at Genesys. Great grandma Smith was there and they were both in wheelchairs. They whole time I was trying not to giggle cuzz I had Dueling Banjos stuck in my head and could only think that they were having Dueling Wheelchairs. Trust me, it was funny.

So, Jesse got hitched and I now have a sister-in-law. It's weird cuzz it's Jesse whose married this time and that just makes me feel old as fuck. If they pop out a kid, I think I might just have to get one of those little scooters that the Hooveround people can help me get paid for by Medicare. o_O

Congratulations guys! I'll get the rest of the pictures up sometime this weekend. I think. o_O

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Oh, the drunken places you'll go

So... Long time, no bloggy blog. Yeah. I want to blame it on work, and I can somewhat cuzz there are no intarwebs at work. Well, there actually is internet access, but I have to limit it only to the map system until the new server is fully up and running. That's been ongoing since I hired in. Heh.

Not anything interesting to report really. I've been hermiting it up, only venturing into the vast wilderness to go to work or take the boy to and from school. How lame am I? Seriously. Look back at some entries from this time last year and you might see that I was actually interacting with the outside world. Then again, maybe you won't. I'm not really sure since I haven't looked back myself. If this tells you anything, I'm not throwing darts this season. That should say something. Especially considering that I've been throwing darts with a league on the regular for the last 5 or 6 years.


I'm not sure what exactly is wrong with me lately. I'm stressed out about money. Then again, when am I not stressed out about money. This time though, it seems even bleaker than it has been. If you'll remember, I lost my job at the beginning of July. Yeah, I've found another, but it's for quite a bit less money and, like a dumb ass, I didn't prepare for that. Now gas prices aren't going down all that much and food costs are rising... I can't barely pay my rent and car payments let alone worry about groceries and gas to get to and from work, the boy's school (no buses for private school that I don't pay for) and the grocery store. Child support is infrequent since Matt's been dealing with health issues and what ever else that might keep him from work. And for once? I understand how he has to call off work. Ok, not hat I've been a heartless bitch or anything cuzz I completely understand that people get sick. It's just that lately he's had to deal with pneumonia and shit like that, so it's worse than him just calling off cuzz he's tired. (Which he's bound to be after dealing with 3 kids that aren't his everyday.)

I don't know... Things are just REALLYREALLYREALLY rough right now. And what's worse is that after I go through all the necessary bills (excluding Sirius radio and TV cuzz those are LONG gone) I can't afford the health coverage at work, which means I'm doubly fucked. I've been with out any of my medications for months now, with no way to get them in the near future. Seems I make too much to qualify for government and/or state funded insurance, but I can't afford to have the premiums taken out of my check to get the stuff that's offered by my employer. Not that it's some spectacular insurance cuzz it's not. It's actually right up there with what I was getting with the hospital, but my current employer can't afford to pay as much as the hospital did for it. And I understand why. I mean, I'm working for a private ambulance service again, so I know they don't have the funds that a hospital does. And the people I work for are awesome. Seriously. I got something attached to my check a couple weeks back asking me what I wanted for Christmas that was more than $100. O_O The hell?! I've NEVER been asked that by an employer and now I'm expected to come up with something that expensive?! The only things I can come up are a $100 gas card or a $100 gift card to a grocery store. How pathetic is that?!

And now that I don't have and can't afford health insurance? Yeah, this is when I'm actually considering the fact that I might need professional help to deal with some sort of fucking depression. Heh. Figures, right? Though, if I actually had the resources to get help? I'm damned near certain that I wouldn't. See, to ME that would be showing weakness. That I can't cope with the bullshit life hands you. And while I know that's really no the case here, I probably still wouldn't seek out help cuzz that's just the way my stubborn ass operates.

Other than that, things are going... Well, they're going. The boy's teacher came up to me today to tell me that on their way home from a field trip, he threatened to kill himself. With a knife. O_O I have no idea where he even got the idea from. It's pretty disturbing. The teacher handled everything very well with me, letting me know what he said and that she didn't try to get after him about it or anything. Since this is her first year with him, she may have thought that maybe there was something going on in his head that we were taking care of or something. But, again, she handled it VERY well and I'm thankful for that. When I talked to him about it, he said that it was due to the fact that another little boy in his class wouldn't let him play his DS game. Now, I know he gets really upset when he can't play a game, but he's NEVER threatened to kill himself. When I asked about it, he said it was about the game. So I told him that's not something people threaten lightly and I told him that one of his classmates was crying cuzz hey were worried about him. (His teacher told me about that, too) He was genuinely surprised to hear that and is going to say he's sorry to his teacher on Monday. But still. HOLY SHIT!!! I need to have a conference with her to tell her about everything that's gone on with him and his dad and social services and all that shit. Ugh. Not something I'm looking forward to, but it seems I'm gonna have to go through it every year until his school decides to actually KEEP records about that sort of shit for their students.

So, yeah... That's where I am right now. Being a hermit that goes to work. Heh. I really wish I didn't have to go to work, but there's no way we'd be able to survive if I stayed home... How sad is that shit?!