Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yet another tale of the freaktastic things that happen in my homestead

Ok, it's no secret that random freaktacular things happen at my house. Like the time that Alex crawled into bed with me one morning and I heard my toilet flush and the water turn on like someone was washing their hands. I figured it was Becky, thinking that she must've run out of toilet paper and used the bathroom in my room. When I asked her about it (or she asked me, I can't remember) we determined that not one of us (me, her or Alex) had even been in the bathroom at that point.

Or the time when Greg was using that bathroom in my room and my hairbrush flew from the counter and into the shower.

And there was the night I was home all alone. I was sleeping and was abruptly woken up by my stuffed frog hitting me in the face. The frog sits at the end of my bedside table and all 5 cats (this was before Smokie) were sleeping on the side closet to the wall. No reason that frog should've hit me in the face, but it did.

I've found the backdoor unlocked multiple times. That door is NEVER used and is locked at all times cuzz I tend to freak out a bit if it's not since it's so close to my bedroom. Well, what happened last night has been one of the more freakier things to happen, I think.

Greg and I were sitting on the couch watching Wife Swap and making fun of how the one couple cried. A lot. Seriously, the chick from California started to cry cuzz she had arranged for a limo to take the daughter and her friends somewhere and the daughter was kinda nervous about it cuzz she'd never done anything like that before. o_O


We're sitting there on the couch ripping on the families cuzz that's what you do when you watch Wife Swap. All of a sudden there was this loud whirring noise that came from the backdoor where the washer and dryer was. I jumped and looked at Greg and asked if he'd had a load of laundry going, thinking that I just hadn't heard the washer when it was filling with water. He kinda looked at me funny and said no. I turned on the lights and went back to investigate. I ran back to the living room and told Greg that the washer was going. The fucking thing just started itself up! Seriously! There were no clothes in it and the lid was up and I could very clearly see the tub spinning. Greg went back and unplugged it and it kept going. He came back out in the living room to tell me that he'd unplugged it and he started to go back there again. He got halfway through the kitchen and it finally stopped.

Uh... The hell?! I thought shit like that was only supposed to happen in the movies!

And yeah, I find it kind of amusing that it happened this close to Halloween.


Cricket said...

What!?! Did Linda Blair come for dinner? Did you move to Amityville?

Good luck with that.

Glad you two had witnesses in each other.

Aunt Becky said...

Totally wild.