Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Seriously. The itching. It's itchy.


I had to take some Dilaudid tonight and it makes me itchy.


I kinda boycotted the computer and the intarwebs for a bit while I was off feeling sorry for myself about random shit. Now, the computer has shown that it decided to be an asshole while I was gone and went and joined the Cult of Douche Bag Computerstology and it may force me into a boycott that I don't want any part of. We shall see, though. Tomorrow I get to make some phone calls and be a bitch and be all "Where's my money? You best give me my money! You really want me to have to slap a ho cuzz I will and you won't be pretty for a couple weeks and THEN HOW WILL YOU MAKE ME MORE MONEY YOU STUPID FUCKING WHORE?!?!" and hopefully my playing my pimp card will scare them into giving me my money so the computer can be rebuilt.


I got pretty used to being at home all the time. It was nice. REALLY nice. I was actually enjoying being a domestic goddess and what not. THAT fun is over. While it's nice to get out of the house, I really miss being able to stay home and do things for the boy. Like getting up and fixing him breakfast, cleaning while he was out playing, doing laundry all day, etc. Things that I absolutely abhor doing (well, cooking for the boy has always made me feel mom-like and it's pretty neat for the most part) I was really beginning to enjoy. Maybe I'll be able to do that kind of shit again some day.

I have added another kitten to my collection. She is a little grey ball of fluff named Smokie! And I heart her like crazy cat ladies heart all kitties. I'd have pictures uploaded, but since the computer decided to become a Douch Bagologist, I can't seem to upload any.

On a not so goofy note, my grandma is in the hospital. Seems she had a stroke on Sunday. I'll be traveling with the boy to visit her tomorrow. I don't want to go. Not cuzz I don't love her or anything like that, but those of you who know my grandma know that she's an incredibly independent and strong woman and this stroke has fucked her up. From what I hear she's slowly getting better, but I'm not used to seeing her... Not in control, I guess. That's not how I want to word it, but it's all I can seem to come up with. If she's ever not been herself, it's cuzz she either decided to drink (which was rare, but always funny) or doped up after a surgery or something. This isn't by choice or out of necessity and it freaks me out. (Also, if anyone is thinking of trying to visit her, don't. Not trying to be rude, but she's been having a lot of tests and she's requested that only family visit and it's on a very limited basis.)

So, that's basically it. Sorry to *POOF* for a bit, but apparently it needed to be done. Now I'm off to sacrifice some tobacco to the leaders of the Cult of Douche Bag Computerstology in hopes that the computer won't be a complete hosebeast and take a giant shit on me.