Thursday, September 14, 2006

So, I was going to update about seeing Stone Sour, Deftones and Korn on Saturday the 9th, but I was rudely interrupted by a fire extinguisher.

Yes, a fire extinguisher. Let me tell you a story!

I'm sitting at work, minding my own business and doing what I'm supposed to be doing at work. I'm listening to a nurse or an assistant or someone that doesn't know what they're doing, trying to figure out where they want me to take a patient. Suddenly, there is a commotion behind me. One of the guys I work with had dropped his phone and bent down to pick it up while sitting in the Chairs of Death. (They are two chairs that are attached by a bar and tip over if you twitch wrong) The Chairs of Death live up to their name and proceed to tip. The chair that is in the air decides it will be a good idea to hit the fire extinguisher on the wall mount. The fire extinguisher pretty much says, "Screw this" and jumps off the wall mount. When it hit the floor, the floor got pissed and broke the pin that kept the handle from being squeezed. The pin, pissed off at the floor for breaking in, wedges itself into the handle, keeping it in the squeeze/deploy position. For some reason, the fire extinguisher was pissed off at ME and aimed directly at me, spewing forth it's fire stopping goodness. The ENTIRE fire extinguisher deployed in my office. I have asthma, so that pissed my lungs off. I was made to go to the ER where I work and they made me ride in the bambulance to the big hospital a few miles away. I was there over night and was told that I have chemical burns to my throat and lungs. I now have 3 inhalers to use and a pretty sexy, gravelly man voice. The crew that came in for the night shift visited me in the hospital that night. One of the crew is also a fire fighter. He tells me that something like that happening is seriously, like, 1 in a million odds.

The cracked out stuff ALWAYS happens to me.

I might update later about watching people fall in the mud at the concert. We'll see.