Monday, June 11, 2007

I finally went to the girly doctor instead of rescheduling. I hate the girly doctor. Unfortunately, I have to have pap-smears every few months. Seems my girly parts are just that awesome.

So, while making small talk, the doc did the pap-smear. It HURT. Normally, it's uncomfortable, but nothing too bad. Today was painful. No idea why, since he decided to tell me that my cervix looks perfectly normal. That's a good thing.

He lectured me about smoking just like with every appointment. Blah.

Then he started talking surgery.

He was telling me about how it's been three years since I had the first one and that he didn't think he'd see anything new, but if I told him to do it, he would. I said that I would pretty much be up for anything at this point cuzz I'm tired of always being in pain. I told him about how I'm getting pain on the left now, too, but it's not constant like it is on the right. He asked me if I had ever been on an injection that started with depo, but isn't depo-provera. I told him I had been on depo-provera for years before I had the boy and he assured me that it's not the same drug. This one WILL stop my periods like the depo-provera, but it's not a form of birth control. This shot will send me into early menopause.

Yep. I'm going to have menopause at 27.

He said that 90% of women who use this shot have hot flashes like crazy and mood swings. Thing is, if i have microscopic endometriosis, this shot should help. It should get rid of my pain, which is what I'm ultimately after.

Menopause. I find it somewhat amusing that I'll be going through menopause with my mother. Heh.

So, that's where I'm at with all the girly shit. I have to wait until I start my period, which should be any day now, and then I'll start the shots. Once a month. Joy. He wants to see me again in three months to see if it's helping. If it's not, I get to go in for surgery. It'll just be laprascopy (sp) again, but there's a huge chance that I'll need a hysterectomy if this shot doesn't work.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Graduation, pool party and hate/hate with the sun part 2

So, the boy graduated from kindergarten on Monday. He's giant. Trust me.


He really s the tallest in his class. That other little boy is the older brother of the boy who had the pool party.

Remember in my last post how I talked about my hate/hate relationship with the sun? Yeah... Check this shit out.

Less time than at the parade of DOOM. Seriously. Mind you, I spent pretty much all of my time with the kids. We got there late, as is my fashion. heh. I loathe you, sun.

Monday, June 04, 2007


So, I've decided to post pictures of the cats. See, I should be cleaning. But I am procrastinating, since cleaning day really isn't until tomorrow. The boy and I have a play date (that word amuses the hell out of me) with a friend of mine from high school this afternoon and while I love seeing my friend and her kids and I'm the one who initiated the play date, I'm not wanting to leave the house. Ever. It's the vicious cycle I go through where I want to be social, but I rellyreallyreally don't want to. Heh. The boy is excited, though, so there will be no cancelling. He graduates kindergarten tonight, so I'm sure there will be pictures of that coming as well.

Now, onto the CATS!

Aw, Baby Mae. She's so docile that whenever she decides to break out the little toy mouse on a stick and play with it, we're amazed. She's solid, too. We joke about her being fat, but she's really just solid.

Mydna (sneezer) Marie still needs to be spayed. Hoping to do that next paycheck. Until then, Greg's just gonna have to put up with her mounting his feet for pleasure. o_O

Baby had been giving Squeaker Ann a bath, but I guess Squeak decided bath time was over when the picture was taken. LOL

There's a couple better pictures of Mydna. She's our little fluff ball. I'm tempted to shave her just to see how big she actually is. She's the tiniest kitty. We think she's topped out on growing.

You'll have to excuse the mess that is my bedroom. Squeaker likes to lay in there all day long, much like Harley used to. It's like she decided to take over Harley's role as oldest cat. She gets most of the privileges Harley used to have.

We can't figure out why Baby seems to be going bald, but she is. That big spot on her tummy is from where she was spade. It grew back in, but now it's falling out and the area that's going bald is much bigger than where they shaved her. She's also losing it on her knees and backs of her legs. It's almost like she cleans too much or something. Harley would pick her fur off, but when she did it, she'd leave scabs cuzz she kept picking and picking. The vet said she had allergies. Baby doesn't get that much into it, but she cleans constantly.

Welp, those are my kitties. I saw a bunch in the newspaper yesterday that looked just like Harley. They said they were more than likely going to be put down cuzz no one had adopted them yet. If I had more room, those cats would all have a new home.