Monday, June 11, 2007

I finally went to the girly doctor instead of rescheduling. I hate the girly doctor. Unfortunately, I have to have pap-smears every few months. Seems my girly parts are just that awesome.

So, while making small talk, the doc did the pap-smear. It HURT. Normally, it's uncomfortable, but nothing too bad. Today was painful. No idea why, since he decided to tell me that my cervix looks perfectly normal. That's a good thing.

He lectured me about smoking just like with every appointment. Blah.

Then he started talking surgery.

He was telling me about how it's been three years since I had the first one and that he didn't think he'd see anything new, but if I told him to do it, he would. I said that I would pretty much be up for anything at this point cuzz I'm tired of always being in pain. I told him about how I'm getting pain on the left now, too, but it's not constant like it is on the right. He asked me if I had ever been on an injection that started with depo, but isn't depo-provera. I told him I had been on depo-provera for years before I had the boy and he assured me that it's not the same drug. This one WILL stop my periods like the depo-provera, but it's not a form of birth control. This shot will send me into early menopause.

Yep. I'm going to have menopause at 27.

He said that 90% of women who use this shot have hot flashes like crazy and mood swings. Thing is, if i have microscopic endometriosis, this shot should help. It should get rid of my pain, which is what I'm ultimately after.

Menopause. I find it somewhat amusing that I'll be going through menopause with my mother. Heh.

So, that's where I'm at with all the girly shit. I have to wait until I start my period, which should be any day now, and then I'll start the shots. Once a month. Joy. He wants to see me again in three months to see if it's helping. If it's not, I get to go in for surgery. It'll just be laprascopy (sp) again, but there's a huge chance that I'll need a hysterectomy if this shot doesn't work.


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Cricket said...

That's about when I went on depo lupron, too. It ruined my body, boobs dropped, gained weight. It is not a good ride. Research it thoroughly. Seriously.

Did he say how long a course? I did six months, but they really don't recommend that long anymore.

Please think about this seriously. I have such bad feelings about my experience. Prior to it, I had a pretty pear shape. Now I have a huge apple. It was from the menopausal-related changes, although I didn't find the hot flashes to be debilitating.

Research this. Seriously.