Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Heh. Well then!

So, I think I just fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with someone. I remember her starting to tell me about an electrical problem at her house and the next thing I know, the phone is ringing and everyone had left.

I feel kinda rude, but obviously I was tired.

Really, though? I can't stop giggling about it. Yeah, it was rude, but COME ON! That's some funny shit right there! If someone had fallen asleep while talking to me, I'd have taken their picture with my phone and then made fun of them until I became bored with it.

Couldn't sleep last night. This new work schedule has me all kinds of fuckered. I had a routine where if I couldn't sleep at night, I might be able to catch a nap while the boy was at school. It worked out well. Now, I'm at work when I should be laying on the couch resting. A person needs to make sure they're well rested for a night of throwing pointy sticks and drinking beer, you know.

Yes, my lovelies, that means it's Dart Night. Which will be followed immediately by Time To Make The Sleep, which is required for Out Of Bed At The Ass Crack Of Early For Work. I like to think of my life in terms of different acts from a play sometimes. Ok, only this time, but that's cuzz I'm in an odd mood and I'm trying to make the time go by faster so I can get the hell outta dodge.

I asked that boy to come out to darts tonight. He says he wants to get a beer and catch up, so why not come out to darts? The people I'm throwing with (both on my team and the people we're throwing against) don't know who he is, so there's no worry of conflict, which is a big concern of mine. I know that if one of my friends were to start being nasty to him cuzz he came out to see, I'd wind up going off on them. I don't treat people they bring around like shit if I don't like them, so they should have that same respect for me, ya know? Unfortunately, it wouldn't happen that way and it would just be dramatastic. Or perhaps, dramatacular. Either way, it would suck cuzz I honestly think I'd lose my shit. Anyway, I'm not sure if he'll come out or not and that's cool. Quite frankly, I'd like to drop some more weight before I see him again since I gained it all after the last time I saw him a couple years ago, but what're ya gonna do?

Yes, I said I'd like to drop some more weight. I haven't had a chance to get a scale for home yet, but I bought 2 pairs of girl jeans (I typically wear men's pants) on my birthday and I can now get 1 pair on and off without unbuttoning or unzipping them. I'm not sure about the other pair yet cuzz I just discovered this today, but the pair I CAN do that with were kinda tight when I got them, so YAY! I've cut my calories and portion sizes back quite a bit and I've almost stopped drinking soda. Almost. I loves me some soda, so I doubt I'll be able to stop drinking it completely. Luckily for me, I'm back on my Diet Coke kick. Heh.

Welp, I better grab something to eat before I have to go through pointy sticks. I'd hate to have to try and buy/eat bar food. o_O

Sunday, February 24, 2008

In which I am lacking in the life department

Fo realz, yo.

Not much is going on. I'll have the boy this coming Friday night cuzz the ex-husband has to work Saturday, but other than that, nothing has changed. He told his mom to keep him all this weekend cuzz he had another race in the Pinewood Derby. (I can't remember if it was districts or regionals or what, but it was the 2nd Derby and it was in a different city.) Anyway, I have a strong feeling that his not seeing the boy all weekend is going to be a topic of discussion when I ask him, again, if he's willing to go every other weekend with me. We'll see how that goes.

I've recently been talking to someone I never thought I'd speak with again. When I first started this blog, it was to vent about the guy I was seeing at the time in a place where I wouldn't have to worry about my friends getting protective and telling me what an ass they thought he was. He may have been, but I don't feel like I ever got a chance to find that out due to the way things went down between him and my friends. At any rate, he contacted me a few weeks ago on facebook. It was incredibly unexpected, especially with the way things ended with us. We'll see how this goes. Hopefully I'll wind up with a good friend out of it.

So... That was all written at work. I just got home about half an hour ago. I should have been home before 8, but my car decided to take a shit. I didn't even get out of the parking lot. Heh. I'm glad it happened there, though, instead of on the street somewhere. It appears to be some main air intake valve sensor or something. One of the guys I work with is gonna try to bring up some kind of diagnostic box to make sure. If that's really what it is, I'll be able to give him the money for the part and he'll be able to fix my car for me tomorrow. I really hope that's what it is. I'll be out about $100, but if it's the entire part that the sensor is for, I'll be out even more money and I don't have more money. Now I just gotta make sure that they don't tow my car tomorrow for not being in the "employee" parking lot, which is down behind the hospital. I refuse to park back there cuzz it's not patrolled at all. My car has already been broken into being parked where I am right now, so I can only imagine what might happen to it in the back. And besides that, I'm at work before the sun comes up and I leave after the sun goes down. They lock the back door after 5, so if something were to happen to me back there, I'd have no where to run. They've said to get a security guard to escort me out to my car, but 1- you can never find them and 2- I can take most, if not all, of them, so what good would that do me? LOL

And that's it. That's the excitement I live with. I know you're all jealous of my rockstar life.

Friday, February 15, 2008

We are the people who save your lives.

So, I'm sitting at work, as I'm prone to do, and both of my crews happened to be back at the base. There's a student riding along today as well, so there was quite the crowd.

Much of our time was spent discussing strippers and glitter. And puking out of cars that are going down the road. Yeah... These are the things that amuse us.

As we're sitting here, thoroughly engrossed in important converstaions, one of the medics was messing around with the drawstring at the bottom of the fleece sweatshirt she was wearing. I see her out of the corner of my eye, but don't think too much about it. After all, we're both smokers and sometimes, you just gotta do something with your hands so you don't chain smoke around here.

We're all giggling, cuzz that's what you do when you're having important and thought provoking discussions about strippers, glitter and puke, and I start to hear the medic say, "Ow". I look at her and she has her finger in the drawstring of the fleece. She pulls on the drawstring with her finger in it and yells, "Ow!". I stare at her and realize that she has managed to get her finger stuck in the drawstring somehow.


She pulls again and yells, "OW!". As she's pulling, the drawstring is getting tighter on her finger. She repeated this about 5 times before one of the EMTs helps her get unstuck. I would have helped myself, except that I was far too busy laughing myself into tears.

I'm still giggling a bit. And I now have black smears on my face.

And just think, we're the people who are responsible for saving your lives when you have an emergency. Dontcha feel SO much safer now? :-P

(I have to apologize for the spelling in this. For some reason, the spell check option doesn't work on the work computer. Of course, I could just learn to spell, but where would the fun be in that?)

Monday, February 11, 2008

In which I try to vent my frustration

I'm feeling violent still. I thought that maybe if a few days went by after I read his letter, I might calm down. But every time I think about what he said that she told him, I feel incredibly violent.

A little back story? Just a little...

My brother started seeing this girl from a different town a while back. (I wanna say it was the year after he graduated, but I can't remember for sure.) They fucked each other up. Jesse was a fucking ass and she was a flaming bitch and eventually they broke up. Well, they got back together. Kinda. I'm not sure if they were official or just trying to see what would happen or what, but the two of them were spending time together and sorta acting like they were together. They break up again and get back to doing whatever. Lather, Rinse, Repeat. Then this other dude comes into the picture that she and Jesse both know. He knows this dude through her and, apparently, she used to date said dude. That becomes a point of tension for Jesse and he asked her to stop talking to the guy. She doesn't want to and tells Jesse that and they fight about it and eventually she just starts lying to Jesse about seeing the guy. Jesse talks to this chick's friend and she tells him that the other dude has won the girl.

So, in the letter I got from my brother, he tells me that she had the balls to call him the night before he left for the ARMY. He answers the phone and they start talking. She tells him that there was a reason that she had her friend tell Jesse that she got back with the one dude. SHe said it wasn't cuzz she was actually with him. It seems that she was 2 months pregnant and she thought it would be easier for HER to have Jesse think that she was with someone else so she could have an abortion.

You might think that that situation is what I'm pissed about. You'd be wrong. What I'm pissed about is that she pulled this shit out the NIGHT BEFORE HE WAS LEAVING. That and the fact that I'm willing to bet my car that the bitch is lying about the whole thing.

See, this wouldn't be the first time that she's lied to Jesse about something major. She seems to like to do this when she hasn't talked to Jesse or when she knows that there's something major going on in Jesse's life. Like, when our great grandfather died, she called him the day of the funeral and said that she was having some kind of major meltdown and wanted Jesse to go be with her instead of going to the funeral. From what I understand, he went to see her after, but she was a little pissed that he didn't just blow off his family to rescue her from whatever bullshit she made up. (I can't remember exactly what it was she told him now or else I would elaborate a bit.)

I'm not sure exactly how Jesse is feeling about the whole thing cuzz I know he doesn't want to worry me. I KNOW he's upset and I'm positive that he'll never let on just how upset he is. Jesse loves kids and I know that if he knew she were pregnant, he'd have tried to do whatever he could for her and that baby.

Just for the record, I'm not upset that she went ahead with an abortion (if she were ever really pregnant, which I 100% doubt). I'm upset cuzz she used that to hurt my brother. SHe's a manipulative, crazy little bitch and if she ever sees me walking toward her, she better turn the fuck around and run.

In other news, we got Guitar Hero 3 this weekend and it's sucking my will to live. The boy and I played damned near all day today and I'm fixing to get it out to play when I get off here. I'm actually pretty good. Well, on the easy setting anyway. LOL

Saturday, February 09, 2008

So, I just got a letter from Jesse

He says he's doing alright. And, for the most part, I believe him. He;s worried about me. Heh. He should be worried about himself.

One thing's for sure... That bitch that fucked with him better hope I NEVER run into her. That's a curb-stomping that's been WELL deserved. Fucking bitch.

His letter made me cry, which I'm sure it wasn't suppsoed to.

I just want my brother back home.

I might update more tomorrow about what the letter said. We'll see what kind of time I have at work.