Friday, February 03, 2006

Thank lord Alex was born male. This way I know he won't have to go through half the medical bullshit I've had to. But, he'll still be racking up the medical bills I'm sure. What am I blathering about? Let me tell you!

I picked Alex up from his dad's Sunday night after work. Matt said he was complaining of some pain in his abdomin where the waistband of his underwear sits. Matt had an infection this past summer and the pain began in the same area, so we were keeping an eye on it. Monday morning, Alex was complaining of foot pain and showed me a bump on his toe. I couldn't tell if it was a blister or a wart, but we washed it and put on a Spider-Man Band-Aid. That night, he was up all night puking. When he woke up on Tuesday morning, he was fine, so I sent him to school. Wednesday he went on a field trip to watch the Flint Generals. Then we headed out for his dr. appt.

This was a routine appt set up to check his lungs and make sure his breathing treatments were helping him. I'm an asshole and wound up getting there an hour early cuzz it didn't actually take as long as I thought it would. The appt was for 4PM. He played and we read books and watched Jimmy Neutron while we were waiting. I was hoping to get moved up to an earlier slot if it was available, but it wasn't. So, when 4 rolled around, I figured that we'd be going back to a room shortly. I couldn't have been more wrong. >_<>

We showed her Alex's toe. She looked at it for a bit and then called me over to look. She showed me a red line that appeared to be going up Alex's toe. Anyone know what that means? Anyone?


But wait, it gets better. She listened to his lungs and was checking his radial pulses. She had him lay down and checked around the area where the waistband of his underwear sit. Remember, he'd been complaining of pain there over the weekend, but hadn't said anything about it hurting to me through the week. She calls me over. She shows me this rash he has going down the right side of his body (very fine rash, could barely even see it) and a rash that was right where his underwear waistband sits. Guess what THAT is a symptom of. Come on. Give up?


Are you kidding me?! Who even gets scarlet fever anymore? And to get that at the SAME TIME as the blood poisoning? WTF.

BTW, his lungs? Sound spectacular! So that's good. He's been on antibiotics since Wednesday and his toe is looking better and his rash is barely even noticable. So, at least he's getting better The doc ordered him to bed rest. HA! He's 5 and hyper!

I had to call his school and let them know what was going on. Since I have no idea when or where he got scarlet fever and he was EXTREMELY contaigous according to the doc, I had to let them know so they could notify the parents so they could check out thier kids. There are only 8 kids in his class. Wonder how long it'll take before they figure out which kid brought the plague to thier school. *snicker*

Other than that, not too much to report. Got my divorce papers in the mail on Wednesday so I am officially divorced. Matt can go get married to Danette and I can sit around not being married. ^_^ Honestlly, it's a relief just to finally have it over with. Now I don't have to be worried about random bullshit happening and not being able to do something about it. I don't have to sit back and wonder if I do something, if it'll piss Matt off enough to repeat some of the things he's done in the past... Ugh. It's all done and no point dwelling.

And, now that I have rattled on about my son's health freakishness, I will get back to my job. Until the next blathering session...