Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Almost 3 months since I updated this...

Awesome. So, obviously, this will be updated randomly. You will deal with it and you will love it!

Hmm.... What's new. Well, my cat came back. Harley, the cat that I've had since I was 14. The cat that ran off sometime in December. Yeah. She came back near the end of January. It was funny. I had just started seeing Greg. He brought me home one night and as I got out of the car, I heard this familiar meow. I looked at him and said that was my cat, I went to the neighbor's yard where I heard the meow come from. The cat I saw ran under the neighbor's place. So, Greg and I went inside cuzz I had to pee. I was kinda drunk and anyone will agree that women piss ALL the time when they're drinking. So, I pee and start getting my shoes back on so I can go out looking for her. Greg started to get his shoes on, too, which threw me. I'm not used to guys doing things for me. Well, we opened the door and who was on my porch? Yep. Fucking Harley. So, I brought her in, cried over her a bit and blahblahblah. Had to come up with a story to tell my kid about why Harley was back from heaven. O_o

So, yeah. I'm sure you're thinking. Greg. WTF happened to Japheth? Well, not too long after I made the post about saying I was done waiting around, I heard from him. I think it had been about 2 weeks. I was seeing more of Greg and happened to have him over when Japheth called. He had finished the CD and wanted to know if I wanted to hear it. I said not that night, I was tired and wanted to get to bed. Which was true. He sounded pretty surprised, but got off the phone. I didn't hear from him again for another 2 weeks. He left a message saying something about how he was sure I didn't care, but some radio station in Ohio was talking about his band. Tried to make me feel incredible guilty. Well, by this time I was seeing more and more of Greg. I mean, shit. I heard from him by PHONE 2 times in a month. Hadn't seen him at all. Yes. Recording is very time consuming from what I understand. However, picking up a phone to just say, Hey...This is going on but I haven't fallen off the edge of the Earth is not too much to ask I don't think. Every couple of days or something, ya know? Well, I was talking to my friend Brook and she said that they had talked on AIM and he said he was pissed off cuzz I had "blown him off". Excuse me? I blew YOU off? Oh no mother fucker. What the fuck do you think you'd ben doing to me for the majority of whatever the fuck we were to each other? You barely called, you barely came over.... What did he think I was gonna do? Sit there and wait? Sorry. I'm not that type. I sat around longer than I should have probably and I know I felt more for him than he felt for me. At any rate, that is what happened with japheth. Kinda sucks cuzz I liked the kid. I think we could be really kick ass friends. I don't think he'll let me be his friend and I'm too chicken shit to call and see how he is.

So. Greg. He's 25, works in Pontiac doing security, treats me better than I've ever been treated, Becky likes him and, most importantly, Alex likes him. The only thing that I see being a problem is that he drinks a bit much. I've made it known that if that doesn't change somewhat, I WILL put him to the curb. I can't take a chance that he'll wind up like my step-dad. I don't want Alex to go through anything like I did growing up and I will do everything in my power to make sure he doesn't. I think this one is a keeper though. We'll see what the future holds, I suppose.

Ok, I think that's enough of an update for now. I have run reports to put in order again. (Oh joy) besides...I'm tired of typing.