Wednesday, December 29, 2004

It's 33.3 Degrees outside...

For some reason, that caught my attention and held it for a moment. The little thermometer thingie said 33.3 degrees with a wind speed of 3 from the south west. Too many damned 3s if you ask me.

So, I never did end up going out or anything on Sunday. Not too long after I made my first post in this thing, I had to dispatch an ambulance to my great-grandfather's house. Not fun. They still don't know what's wrong with him, though they think his cancer has come back stronger than ever. So, needless to say, I was no longer in the mood to go out. Instead, I sat at home, drank a couple of beers and talked to Japheth on the phone. He asked how I was ad I told him. He said he felt bad and blahblahblah. Becky came home from work and rolled her eyes and stomped around some when she heard who I was talking to. That makes me feel like shit, but whatever. She does as she pleases. So, I was talking to him and he started to talk like he was gonna let me go. Then he said he needed two hands if he was gonna park in front of my house! YAY! I swear, this boy can make me completely retarded sometimes. It's so weird. But I hadn't seen him in about 2 weeks, so I got excited. He came in and I think he wanted to talk about something, but Becky didn't go over to Dell's that night and she wanted to talk. So the three of us sat around and smoked and bullshitted. I guess she was talking to one of her friends at work about how she wanted to do something kick ass for my birthday and the chickie asked Becky what I liked to do. Well, Becky only heard part of the question. Her friend had asked what I liked to do with my friends. Well, Becky didn't hear that so she said, "Fucking." Nice. I couldn't even look at Japheth. I was bright red from embarrassment and I was laughing so hard I thought I was gonna piss myself. See, Japheth is fucking AMAZING in bed! I can honestly say that boy is the best I've ever had. But we don't have sex on a regular basis or anything. If I had my way, we'd be fuckin every night! But, he rarely ever stays over night anymore. And when I have my son, I make him wear pajamas and I'm kinda leary that Alex might walk in. But, when he and I first started seeing each other, we spent SO much time together. It was really cool. I liked it a lot. But, his band has picked up their normal schedule and that takes up a lot of his time. Cool, I completely understand that. But, Becky also blew up one night, which she apologized for. Ever since then, he's been rather scarce. I think she really freaked him out. She said she was sorry, and I know that took a lot for her. I wish it would've made things better all the way around though, ya know? Dear lord, I sound like a fucking 15 year old like bitch. Someone, please fucking shoot me.

I took the new kitten to the vet yesterday. Poor thing has an upper respiratory infection. I have to give her antibiotics orally twice a day and this gooey eye shit three times a day. She still loves me though. My son was in rare form. I've never wanted to just shake him and say, "What the fuck is wrong with you?" as much as I did today. He wouldn't listen for anything. Wouldn't leave the cats alone. Wouldn't pick his shit up. Wouldn't leave me alone when I was cleaning his room. he punched me, threw the cats and yesterday he opened the box that held his keyboard with a fucking butter knife!!! I don't get what is going through his mind. Damned 4 year olds anyway. LOL

Ok, I think I've done enough damage to myself by blathering on forever about seemingly worthless dribble. I'm serious about the whole "Fucking shoot me" thing. I really don't like sounding like some whiney ass bitch.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Well then....

So, I've decided to create myself a blog. I figure this will give me something else to occupy my time with while I'm working or sitting at home with insomnia. I'm sure no one will read this and that's fine by me. I mean, shit, I doubt I'll be posting anything of any relevance to anyone other than myself. Anything really life altering goes in my Dead Journal anyway, since I seem to have a rather good hold on how to make things private and what not over there. This shall be a way to amuse myself. Being that I'm one of the funniest bitches I know, that shouldn't be too difficult.
I've decided that I am bound and determined to go out and do something tonight. Go somewhere that I can get a beer and smoke as much as I want to. And, preferably, be able to get on a stage and sing my ass off. I got my roommate, Becky, to get up and sing Broken by Seether with me Wednesday after we threw darts. It was rather comical. Becky has this thing about trying to nail voices dead on - even if she should raise herself up a 1/2 step or so. Sounded like Shaun Morgan is no easy feat for a chick, but usually getting the basic melody out there will suffice. Yeah. Becky tried to sound like Shaun. Hehe. It wasn't completely horrible-wanna-beat-her-ass-for-being-tone-deaf, but it wasn't exactly good either. I couldn't help but laugh, which got her laughing. That was fun. Then I broke out into the part Amy Lee sings cuzz their communists at that karoke bar and don't have the for real version, which is the best. I was floored when I heard people yelling and clapping and shit. I mean, I know I can carry a tune and all, but I never expected a kick ass reaction out of a bar full of redneck-country lovers and metal heads who were ready to explode from listening to horrible country karaoke. I wanted to stay longer so I could sing more and, well, drink more beer. But, since my accident a few Sundays back, I don't drive at night. Being an official "beer car" now has my ass kinda paranoid to drive around downtown Flint after dark. Seems that cops think they're entitled to pull someone over when they're driving with only one headlight. They also seem inclined to write tickets or impound the cars of people who drive with no insurance. Heh. THAT should be remedied sometime in the next week. *crosses fingers* I JUST got my license reinstated after I got pulled over on my way home from work due to afore mentioned headlight. Seems my license was suspended (oops). I should've gone to jail, but I was still in Durand and had my uniform on still. I swear, I have never been so happy to wear the ever sexy DVA dispatch uniform as I was that night. I have to go to court on January 11th (2 days before my birthday by the way) cuzz of that shit, so my mommy helped me get my license back. Now I just have to figure out a way to duct tape a light to my car and get me some of that that insurance. SO, back to what I was originally talking about. I want to go out and do something tonight. Ever since that neat=o reaction I got from the crowd on Wednesday, I've been itchin to get my ass back on stage. I doubt I'll be doing anything, though. Becky will probably be going to Dell's, which YAY for Becky being happy and gettin some ass! I'll most likely end end sitting at home again, doing laundry, drinking either beer or some type of hard liquor (not sure if I'm gonna be ambitious enough to stop and get something after work or not) and getting online so I can fuck with people. I may end up at least talking to Japheth on the phone, but who knows if that'll happen. Boy is just way too busy. He needs to sit back and breath for a fuckin minute or something. But, whatever. *shrug*
Ok, now that I've effectively rambled on for awhile, I think I am gonna go fuck around with this blog thing and see what all I can do.