Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pictures? *Caution: Missle fingers. On NOES!*

Sure, why not! let's see if I can figure out how to do this correctly...

So that is my friend Becky's brother Chris, Becky, my little brother, Jesse and me at the Mushroomhead concert last Friday at The Machine Shop. That was after the show. And the mosh pit. Notice my pretty red face.

Me, Chris and Jeffery Nothing, sans make-up, before the show.

Me and Becky. I like how she appears to be trying to take a shit. ^_^

Me and Jesse after the show. Notice the red face, yet again.

Waylon and Jeffery Nothing on stage. I have more pictures of them on stage, but they are GINORMOUS.

I had a good time at the show. I wished it was longer than what it was. I wished even more that I could've stayed in the pit longer. After I caught the elbow to the chest, though, that was it for me. Funny thing about mosh pits that I've noticed - Most of the time when I get in them, I'm the only girl. I get shoved and what not, but it's always kinda gentle, like they don't want to hurt the girl. Then, I get sick of that and shove someone HARD. It gets fun after that cuzz then all the guys feel like they have something to prove. Can't be pushed around by a GIRL! I have fun in the pit, especially when I'm being shoved around like one of the guys. I'm not stupid, I know people get hurt in there. I don't go in expecting to be treated like I'm some delicate flower. If I get hurt, I get out, that simple. I have some pretty gnarly bruises from that pit. Hehe.

That's pretty much all that's been going so far. I'm sure there will be some sort of happy-go-drama coming up. It's merely a maner of time. LOL

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Holy shit! 3 times in a week?! Is she sick?

Hehe. Nope, I'm not sick. I'm merely losing my mind.

Between working a shit ton of hours, bailing the boyfriend out of financial issues and having my ex-husband call me for phone numbers to places that are for sale across the fucking street from me, I think I'm going to lose the rest of my hair. Seriously, I need a fucking break.

In the last month, I have worked a total of 224 hours. >_< Thankfully, this overtime will be ending the week of the 26th. I loveloveLOVE the paychecks, but I need a break. I seriously feel like I live here. I've seen my road crews more than my own son and, much as he pushes me to throw a tantrum in frustration, I miss the kid. Plus, my housework has fallen way behind. The place looks presentable as far as the living room and kitchen, but if you dare to venture past that, you do so at your own risk. Greg keeps saying he'll help out, but I haven't seen it yet. I can't really blame him, though. He's working just as much as I am, if not more. Needless to say, my frustration level is through the fucking roof. If he wasn't able to make all happy and tingly at night, I'd have probably killed someone by now.

Speaking of Greg, I think I may need to take that boy's debit card and check book from him and give him an allowance. I really don't see any other way to keep him from digging this hole he gets into EVERYTIME he gets paid! Granted, he does have some stuff that's auto-pay, but other than that, there's really no reason that I can see that his money situation should be what it is. I mean, I'm not really all that good managing money, either, but I could keep him from being in the hole. Maybe he'll actually let me do that this time, instead of telling me I'm in charge of his finances and not letting me do anything.

And, the ex-husband. I know he's just trying to get out of his parents house. But across the street? Really? That thought just doesn't sit well with me. I doubt he'll be able to get approved cuzz of his credit, but still. Why would he want to move in across the street?! What purpose would that serve? Granted, he'd be able to see Alex more, but that would also mean that he'd be in my space. My comfort zone. It just doesn't make me feel right. Is it just me? Am I just being a bitch here? Ugh.

I'm considering shaving my head more and more every day. The PCOS is making my hair fall out. It keep getting worse. I'm to a point now where if I can't get a headband to pull my hair back just right, I'll wear a ball cap to cover it up. It really makes me self conscious and I hate that. I'm 26 and I am balding. Like a man. There's a spot in the front and a spot in the back. I really want to buy a wig or two to wear after I shave my head, but I can't afford it. I'm thinking that if I can ever get some of this weight off (doubtful) that I can shave it then and not look like a total freak. Wishful thinking, I'm sure. Groar.

On a positive note, the car is running great and I can get myself to and from places without having to beg like a teenager. Hehe. That makes me giddy. YAY car! Overall, things aren't really all that bad. I'm just stressed out. BIG time. What else is new, though? LOL

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


5 Items in my Fridge

1~ Ginormous tub of yogurt.
I've decided that I need to diet again. Yogurt is supposed to help people lose weight. We'll see.

2~ A shit ton of milk.
The last time I went grocery shopping, we needed cereal. We obtained said cereal. Approx. 8 different boxes of cereal. Nuff said.

I keep my cheese in the veggie bin. This perplexes my son to no end. Everytime he opens the fridge, he lectures me about how cheese should not be in that bin.

4~ Ranch Dressing
This is a staple of my diet and probably why I need to diet. I will not give up my ranch!

5~ Beer
So, there's a 40 and a 24 ounce can of Bud in my fridge. Money was short and I was thirsty dammit! LOL

5 Items in my Closet

1~ An old uniform shirt
I thought I had given all my uniforms back when I picked up my last paycheck. I found another one while I was rifling through my closet looking for something to wear. Oops.

2~ A bullet.
Nuff said.

3~ Random shoes
I have shoes from forever ago in my closet cuzz one day, one day, I might wear them again.

4~ A dresser
Needed to conserve space in the actual bedroom. When I moved it in there, I had my son's dresser, Greg's dresser, Greg's computer, an end table and a bed all in that room. My dresser had to go somewhere.

5~ My art stuff
There's a sketch pad, some pastels and some charcoal pencils in there. Sometimes I like to drink wine and play art.

5 Items in my Purse

1~ Wallet
I finally got a purse without a built-in wallet thingie. That meant I had to buy one. I kinda like it.

2~ Glasses case
I'm pretty much legally blind. Without my glasses or contacts, I can't see shit. My contacts sometimes like to revolt and tell me they aren't going to be nice to wear. Luckily, I can fit glasses, contact case and a little vial of solution into one glasses case.

3~ My ugly cat
My Aunt travels around the world and lives in another country. On one of her jaunts, she came across this gold coin purse in the shape of a cat's head. The beadwork makes it look like a cat's face. It's kinda ugly, but she bought it for my cuzz it reminded her of me. o_O It's what I keep my change in.

4~ Lipstick
I love lipstick! No clue why, but I have a shitton of it. In my purse.

5~ Inhalers
I'm asthmatic, so I have 2 different inhalers in my purse at all times. Meh.

5 Items in my Car

1~ Empty soda bottles
I'm a soda freak and I'm horrible about taking my bottles inside. That's 10 cents a bottle and if I get enough in there, that's a tank of gas!

2~ A Baby Looney Toons blanket
My son loves that blanket. It went to school with him at the beginning of the year for nap time and as soon as they let him take it home, it went with him wherever he went. Until he decided to spill fruit punch on it. Now it lives in my back seat. At least until I take it out.

3~ Wendy's coupons
My mommy gave me some coupons she had when I took her to work the other morning. I'm thinking I may make use of them tonight when I get out of work.

4~ A Meijer's shopping bag
This is around the gear shift. It serves as a garbage bag. I forget it's there a lot.

5~ A booster seat
My son is not 4 ft 9in or 80 lbs, therefore, he gets a special seat.

And there it is. Sorry it wasn't put up yesterday, but I got caught up in a Eucher game at work and then Greg's computer started to do weird things. I now tag anyone who happens to read this. ^_^

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Bad Blogger, BAD!

Damn, I neglect the hell out of this thing.

I deleted the last entry. I had honestly forgotten I had written it. When I read it, I decided that I really didn't want that out there for someone to stubble across randomly anymore. I was kinda drunk when I wrote it, which, given the subject matter, was probably a dead give away as to the state of my mind. It's not something I talk about. At least not often.

So, anyway, what is new in the land of Brite? Not a whole helluva lot, really. I did manage to land myself a car, though. I gots me a pretty little black 99 Cavalier. Named Tabby. Hush now, Tabby is a good name for her.

I've been working a shit ton of overtime lately. Oh yeah, I don't know if I mentioned that I changed employers. After a little over 2 years, I left DVA to work for a new ambulance company started by Genesys Regional Medical Center. Basically, I get more money and HEALTH INSURANCE! That was pretty much the clincher as far as me leaving DVA. There was rumor that they were going to match my wages, but they couldn't touch the benefits package. Leaving sucked, but I think it benefited me pretty well. Basically, I'm happy with the change. The overtime will be ending pretty quickly and, while I like the paychecks I've been getting, I can not wait for it to be over! I miss my son. I feel like I don't ever see him anymore. Last Sunday, we had a "sleep out" in the living room. Basically, we got Dairy Queen for a late diner, watched cartoons, ate ice cream, stayed up late and slept in the living room. It was actually a pretty good time. I liked just hanging out with him. I think when Greg works nights, we'll do that. It'll be at least once a month. The boy wants to do that EVERY night now. LOL

The boy is getting big. We're gonna teach him to ride a bike this summer. Greg feels bad cuzz there are kids around that are much smaller than Alex who are riding bikes with out training wheels. I have to keep reminding him that the boy is ginormous for his age. I mean, he's 5 and already just over 4 ft tall. I don't know any other 5 year olds who are that tall. The fact that he's a skinny little shit, makes him seem like he's even taller than he is. So, when Greg and I have some free time, which is basically, Mondays and Tuesdays right now, we'll be learnin that 5 year old how to ride a bike. As crass as it sounds, I know his dad won't teach him. He's too wrapped up in his now ex-fiance and her random bullshit to be bothered. Mind you, that doesn't stop him from claiming that when he has nothing, he has the boy and that is totally the most important thing but OMG she did this and said this and YOU NEED TO FEEL SORRY FOR ME!!!

Yeah. It's like that.

I get that he needs to unload and I totally understand that he has no one he can really vent to. If he talks to his family about it, they tell him he's stupid. He doesn't really have any friends anymore, so there's that option. All that's left? Calling me. I do know that if he does wind up getting back together with her, we'll be back in court fighting over whether or not he can see the boy. I do not want my son around her. Some of the things that his dad has told me about her and how she acts around my son, whether they were bullshit or not, have made me not want him there. I mean, tell me how many 26 year olds you know would push a 5 year old into a river with a well known strong current? My SON told me about that. Granted, he thinks that she was just playing, but I know of many, many people who've been pushed into the same river and died cuzz the current pulled them into the rotator things in the dam. Even thinking about that pisses me off. There will DEFINITELY be a custody fight if he moves back in with her. I've told him that, so hopefully he keeps that in mind. His family has already told me they will completely back me if it comes down to that, which kinda surprised me. At the very least, I'll have support.

So, that' s pretty much all that's been going on in my happy little corner of the world. Tonight, I'm off to burn things in a pit in Durand. Mmm... Bonfire.

***something I found interesting. I just did a spell check and it said that I had spelled working workign. It's suggestion for a replacement? ORGASM. ^_^ That just made me giggle and I thought I'd share.