Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pictures? *Caution: Missle fingers. On NOES!*

Sure, why not! let's see if I can figure out how to do this correctly...

So that is my friend Becky's brother Chris, Becky, my little brother, Jesse and me at the Mushroomhead concert last Friday at The Machine Shop. That was after the show. And the mosh pit. Notice my pretty red face.

Me, Chris and Jeffery Nothing, sans make-up, before the show.

Me and Becky. I like how she appears to be trying to take a shit. ^_^

Me and Jesse after the show. Notice the red face, yet again.

Waylon and Jeffery Nothing on stage. I have more pictures of them on stage, but they are GINORMOUS.

I had a good time at the show. I wished it was longer than what it was. I wished even more that I could've stayed in the pit longer. After I caught the elbow to the chest, though, that was it for me. Funny thing about mosh pits that I've noticed - Most of the time when I get in them, I'm the only girl. I get shoved and what not, but it's always kinda gentle, like they don't want to hurt the girl. Then, I get sick of that and shove someone HARD. It gets fun after that cuzz then all the guys feel like they have something to prove. Can't be pushed around by a GIRL! I have fun in the pit, especially when I'm being shoved around like one of the guys. I'm not stupid, I know people get hurt in there. I don't go in expecting to be treated like I'm some delicate flower. If I get hurt, I get out, that simple. I have some pretty gnarly bruises from that pit. Hehe.

That's pretty much all that's been going so far. I'm sure there will be some sort of happy-go-drama coming up. It's merely a maner of time. LOL


Cricket said...

Gosh, it looks like fun to be young.

brite69 said...

The tongue showing is what gives it away, isn't it? ~_^