Wednesday, June 14, 2006


5 Items in my Fridge

1~ Ginormous tub of yogurt.
I've decided that I need to diet again. Yogurt is supposed to help people lose weight. We'll see.

2~ A shit ton of milk.
The last time I went grocery shopping, we needed cereal. We obtained said cereal. Approx. 8 different boxes of cereal. Nuff said.

I keep my cheese in the veggie bin. This perplexes my son to no end. Everytime he opens the fridge, he lectures me about how cheese should not be in that bin.

4~ Ranch Dressing
This is a staple of my diet and probably why I need to diet. I will not give up my ranch!

5~ Beer
So, there's a 40 and a 24 ounce can of Bud in my fridge. Money was short and I was thirsty dammit! LOL

5 Items in my Closet

1~ An old uniform shirt
I thought I had given all my uniforms back when I picked up my last paycheck. I found another one while I was rifling through my closet looking for something to wear. Oops.

2~ A bullet.
Nuff said.

3~ Random shoes
I have shoes from forever ago in my closet cuzz one day, one day, I might wear them again.

4~ A dresser
Needed to conserve space in the actual bedroom. When I moved it in there, I had my son's dresser, Greg's dresser, Greg's computer, an end table and a bed all in that room. My dresser had to go somewhere.

5~ My art stuff
There's a sketch pad, some pastels and some charcoal pencils in there. Sometimes I like to drink wine and play art.

5 Items in my Purse

1~ Wallet
I finally got a purse without a built-in wallet thingie. That meant I had to buy one. I kinda like it.

2~ Glasses case
I'm pretty much legally blind. Without my glasses or contacts, I can't see shit. My contacts sometimes like to revolt and tell me they aren't going to be nice to wear. Luckily, I can fit glasses, contact case and a little vial of solution into one glasses case.

3~ My ugly cat
My Aunt travels around the world and lives in another country. On one of her jaunts, she came across this gold coin purse in the shape of a cat's head. The beadwork makes it look like a cat's face. It's kinda ugly, but she bought it for my cuzz it reminded her of me. o_O It's what I keep my change in.

4~ Lipstick
I love lipstick! No clue why, but I have a shitton of it. In my purse.

5~ Inhalers
I'm asthmatic, so I have 2 different inhalers in my purse at all times. Meh.

5 Items in my Car

1~ Empty soda bottles
I'm a soda freak and I'm horrible about taking my bottles inside. That's 10 cents a bottle and if I get enough in there, that's a tank of gas!

2~ A Baby Looney Toons blanket
My son loves that blanket. It went to school with him at the beginning of the year for nap time and as soon as they let him take it home, it went with him wherever he went. Until he decided to spill fruit punch on it. Now it lives in my back seat. At least until I take it out.

3~ Wendy's coupons
My mommy gave me some coupons she had when I took her to work the other morning. I'm thinking I may make use of them tonight when I get out of work.

4~ A Meijer's shopping bag
This is around the gear shift. It serves as a garbage bag. I forget it's there a lot.

5~ A booster seat
My son is not 4 ft 9in or 80 lbs, therefore, he gets a special seat.

And there it is. Sorry it wasn't put up yesterday, but I got caught up in a Eucher game at work and then Greg's computer started to do weird things. I now tag anyone who happens to read this. ^_^


Cricket said...

I'm so proud of you! Two posts in a week, what will we do?

I hear ya on the furniture in the closet. As I'd mentioned, I have a large bookcase in there - full of shoes I don't wear!

Thanks for the peek at your life.

brite69 said...

We are now up to 3 posts in a week! Hell must be freezing over! ~_^