Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sitting at work alone in the quiet

Ok, so it's not completely quiet. The scanner is going and it's telling me all about how the city is exploding since it was warm today. There have been a shit ton of suicide attempts and threats, shit tons of drunk people being assholes, the occasional frequent flier... All normal bullshit that happens when the weather turns summery. Last night there was drag racing on I-475. That was different.

I'm not liking having bangs. I had bangs in junior high and my forehead was like one giant zit. It would appear that I had forgotten about that and now I am pissed off at my forehead. It hasn't reached zit meltdown proportions yet, but it is icky greasy and I feel a compulsive need to blot it with toilet paper every 5 minutes or so. I'm really kicking around giving myself a buzz cut tomorrow (ok, technically today) when I get home from work. Will I actually do it? We'll see how pissy I am when I get home. I think it would actually not look that horrible. I mean, I don't think the baldness would be that big of an issues, really. The spots aren't completely bald, they're just very, very thin. I dunno. I think I could make it work. I wonder if Greg has the attachments to his head buzzer thingie...

I broke out the shorts for the first time this year, though they aren't the ones I wanted. I couldn't find those. (One of these days I may take a picture of my bedroom in hopes that by posting it on here, I'll be embarrassed enough to clean the fucker. I kinda wanna see my floor again, too.) I did come across a couple pair of shorts that I wore back in 2003 (I know this cuzz I wore them when I had my picture taken with Shaun the last time. Damn I'm unhealthy in the head) I got a little depressed when I realized that I am FAR bigger now than I was then. This means that I'll be going into my MUST-LOSE-WEIGHT-NOW phase. Maybe it'll actually last more than a week. Heh. I started exercising and shit a couple weeks back, but with all the fucked up hours I've been working, I stopped in favor of making the sleep.

I wish all this damned overtime was making a dent in my bills, but after taxes, I'm losing about $500 a paycheck. Seriously. A few paychecks back, I had to call off work and was a bit fucked up on Dilaudid and I called up to the basse to let them know I wouldn't be coming in that morning. I then instructed one of the medics to open my pay stub cuzz I didn't have enough money and needed more. hehehe. He made me repeat the request a few times just to be sure I was really asking him to do that cuzz it's a pretty big No-No with out permission. I just don't understand how I can gross $1400 and only bring home just over $800. Ok, so $60 gets taken out every check for medical insurance and to go into my retirement fund but DAMN! That's only $60! Fucking government stealing my money and then telling me that they want me to go shopping. Fuckers.

I wish my stimulus check would just hurry up and fucking get here already. I have to wait until the end of June, though.

I'm debating on switching over to 3rd shift. I mean, it'd be kind of ideal with the insomnia and all, but I'm just not sure how I can swing the child care. Especially with summer break coming up in 2 weeks. I mean, if I could get the days I wanted, it shouldn't be a problem, but I can almost promise that wouldn't happen. I mean, I have teh bewbs and apparently, that means that no matter how much time I have in at this place, I automatically get fucked over. When I got taken off weekends, the other daytime dispatcher (which is a guy) was able to dictate which weekends he would work, based on his custody arrangement. When I mentioned that I was going to have issues with MY custody arrangement, I was told that he (my boss) couldn't take that into consideration cuzz it would be showing favoritism. heh. Isn't that just fucking ducky? Who knows, though? Maybe I'll be able to work it out. If I can, I'll get an 8% premium, so that'll mean more money. It's not much (if I did the math right, which I probably didn't), but it's something.

Damn. I feel incredibly boring. I feel like I should have tales of... Something. Lately it seems all I do is bitch about work and other assorted adult bullshit. Ugh.

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Cricket said...

All this posting, wow!

I have a very high forehead and the prescription is bangs, but I can't do it for the very reason you say. The bangs become a wick for the grease.

I remember when I came off third to first, what a pay cut that felt like. You doing the reverse would feel quite nice.

One of my first jobs was at Wendy's, a brand new one. They hired both HS and college students, hired at same time, so technically no seniority. In HS, I couldn't get off to go to homecoming, but a college student got off to go home - yet I saw her out partying when she should have been 75 miles away. Whoa, was I pissed and that was just Wendy's in HS - first time to get fired, too. hehe