Friday, May 23, 2008

I'm sleeping my life away

Except not.

I went home after my last 16 hr shift (I believe that was Wednesday, but I'm not completely sure. The days have all begun to bleed together and I'm having difficulty tell the difference.), promptly ate a cow and layed on the couch to watch DVRed CSI. I didn't even make it through my first episode before I was out cold. I don't remember Greg coming home from work (he got out at 1000) or even moving from the couch to my bedroom. I do remember waking up just in time to pick the kidling up from school. When I woke up and looked at my phone, I saw that they had been trying to get me to work due to a call off. Heh. I feel bad for sleeping through my phone, but I obviously needed some sleep. I was back in at 3AM this morning, once again, with out sleeping at all the night before. I think it went a bit better, though, since I slept for, like, 15 hrs.

I've started popping the new pills for the Interstitial Cystitis today. My mommy came up and dropped them off to me cuzz I am teh suck when it comes to remembering to get my prescriptions. I had to wait a bit to take them cuzz I have to do so on an empty stomach, no more than 1 hr prior to eating and no less than 2 hrs after eating. I had my crew hijack some cake from the celebration at the main hospital for EMS Week, so I had to wait. Seems they might just make me dizzy. Not sure if I'm actually dizzy at the moment or just having one of those retarded days when it comes to typing. I've had to type out the same sentence like 5 times! o_O

Tell me, when you have a job and someone tells you that you need to do something, like inform them of where the hell you are, would you do it? Or would you continuously IGNORE what you were told? Honestly, if it were ME, I would do as I was told cuzz I wouldn't be too big of an asshat to realize that the reason I was being told to let someone know where I was would be to not only allow the other person to DO THEIR JOB, but to also ensure my safety, should the need arise. Guess I just happen to realize that there's typically a very LOGICAL and VALID reason to say something like that to someone.

I finally got my nails done yesterday. I had to take the poor boy child with me. He was very good, as he was the one other time I had to take him. This time, he had questions, though. The first one was to ask if the guy doing my nails was famous cuzz he was REALLYREALLYREALLY sure he had seen him on a game show once. The next one was to ask why they all looked like they came from another country. Uh... Cuzz they did, was my response and the couple people that worked there that heard him giggled a little. When he asked why, I told him that all sorts of different people wanted to live here for a variety of reasons and that a lot of times, they prefer to keep that to themselves, which is their right. Everyone seemed pleased with that response and now I feel like Mommy of the Freakin Year! I'm so damned awesome.

I find myself wandering through stores, attempting to buy things I don't really need. I mean, I can always use new clothes, cuzz, really? I only have a few things that I wear. And I'm kinda tired of rotating them all the time. And I've been leaning towards more girly type things, which is kinda scary. My hormones are still feeling like they're all outta whack, so maybe that has something to do with it. Bleh.

Oh hay! My pictures from Five Finger Death Punch! Let me shows you them! (Or attempt to. I always seem to have trouble loading them correctly from my picture hosting place.)

Huzzah! I do believe it worked! That's me with the guitar (or possibly bass) player, drummer and lead singer. The singer really liked the necklace my brother gave me when he graduated basic training. It's a replica dog tag that has the ARMY logo and says Proud Sister on the front and his name on the back. I had to put it around my wrist after the show cuzz my skin decided to HATE ME and become allergic to the chain it's on. Damned skin.

And now I am off to smoke more cigarettes and await my replacement. Then I am off to get Chinese and become glued to my couch. MY COUCH! Whee ha mother fucker. Whee ha.

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Cricket said...

You are livin' large, sista! What a post. You've been stockpiling.

Too funny about the youngin' at the nails place. Take every opportunity you can to feel like Mother of the Year!

Hope your sleep straightens out,k but, damn, you sound great regardless!