Thursday, May 01, 2008


And the look of PermaExhaustion. o_O

So, I basically got incredibly bored with my hair. I originally had new hair a couple weeks ago, but I got bored with that with the quickness, so I ended up with the newEST hair yesterday. I'm still trying to figure out how to style it and what not.

So, you can kinda see some of the hair loss in the first one, but not too bad. I was able to hide it relatively well in the pictures. Unfortunately, the color I picked and the length seem to amplify the scalp in all of it's butt-ass-white glory. Guess that's what I get for having a hate/hate relationship with the sun. LOL

Next week I start new meds that are gonna make me lose even more hair, so while this cut isn't exactly the most flattering, I think it'll make seeing Bald Leslee a little less shocking. Heh. I think once I figure out how to make it look like I want, it'll look a lot better.


Cricket said...

OMG, you and your hair are drop dead gorgeous. You work it!

You'll have to spill on the med. I hate side effects so.

Aunt Becky said...

I love the hair. I just love it.

I tried that look when I was in high school and well, it wasn't so pretty.