Friday, May 16, 2008

My, oh my, you know it just won't stop

So, I should be out drinking beer at a going away party for one of my dart throwing peoples.

Care to guess where I am instead?

Yeah... There was a call off, so I'm at work. Ugh. Normally this wouldn't bother me, but I actually had plans tonight. Figures.

I decided last night that I needed to buy some crap to make myself feel cute. Or something. I wound up with a few tank tops, a new pair of shoes, some make up, a new purse... I can't remember what else off the top of my head, but I got some other crap, too. Now I wish I wouldn't have. See, I was told by my boss today that my job is going to be outsourced soon.

Heh. When it rains it fucking pours, I guess.

He did say that I could apply with this other company and that they have 2 slots open. Thing is, I'd have to enroll in the EMT class that's starting this coming Monday. Now, I don't have a problem getting my basic license, I've actually been considering it for some time. What has always stopped me, and what's stopping me now, is the fact that I would be in class on my days off, working on the days I'm not in class and then doing clinicals whenever I had a free moment. That wouldn't be a problem if I weren't a mom who, oh I don't know, didn't like seeing her kid or anything. Truth be told, I kinda love the hell outta the little shit and would like to actually be there while he's growing up. So, since this other company requires their dispatchers to not only be EMD certified, which I am, but also be a licensed EMT, I won't be applying with them. Hopefully I can get in with either county or city 911, but from everything I've been able to find, they're not hiring. At least not until this stupid Overhaul of the EMS system gets going and they figure out whether or not it's going to work or if they'll need more dispatchers (which they will, trust me). The overhaul isn't supposed to take place until at least Jan. 2009. Then again, it'll probably be a couple more years after that since there's a shit ton of companies suing over the whole thing. At any rate, I'm probably looking at playing the waiting game.

If I didn't have to worry about Matt having a fit if I oved out of state, I could go anywhere in the country and answer 911 calls. The certification I have allows me to do that. Hell, if I really wanted to, I could advance myself farther and get the international certification and move to fucking Canada. Matt would never allow that, though. Heh.

Ya know, I was actually starting to feel a little better. Guess I'll just wait and see what the third shit storm will be...


Cricket said...

Brite, I am so sorry. Not what you needed to hear. Even if you have a job out of it, there are many complications. You didn't mention how long EMT school is. If it came down to it, would you want to work as an EMT?

brite69 said...

The one my company does is 7 months long and that's only class time. The state requires a MINIMUM of 112 additional hour that get divided up between clinical time at hospitals (like on the psych floor, in the ER, etc) and third riding on ambulances with other companies.

I'm not sure if I could handle working as an EMT, which is why I've stayed in dispatch for so long. While I don't think I'd have a problem with blood and guts or things of that nature, I'm not sure how I'd handle running the calls for kids. I have hard time reading or seeing stories about kids being abused or in accidents or things of that nature cuzz I instantly go to that "Holy crap! What if that were MY kid" place. Especially when it comes to kids being abused, and there are many, MANY calls like those around these parts.

Aunt Becky said...

Oh dude, that's terrible news! I'm so sorry!