Saturday, April 19, 2008

In Which I STILL Suck at Playing Internets

Yeah... I haven't posted anything anywhere (with the exception of randomly updating my status on MySpace and Facebook on occasion) since the last time I posted here. I haven't really had anything exciting going on and I've been working a metric shit ton of overtime. Let's see if I can put this into perspective. A normal check for me is for 2 weeks of work, which is 84 hours. (36 hrs one week and 48 hrs the next) This last check was for 91 hours and the check I'll be getting in roughly two weeks is gonna be for a minimum of 105 hours. That's if I don't decide to stay over on Friday, which I just might do if I can. So, basically, my life has been all about work lately. And, although some shit went down at ye ole job, I can't talk about it anywhere cuzz rumor has it there are lawyers involved and I don't want to get nailed for opening my mouth. Heh.

I got my herr and nails did this week. I'll post pictures of the hair when I get a chance to take a couple and when Greg gets the fuckin program we use to upload pictures installed on the computer. Turd. He went to some website and tried to download something (to my knowledge, it was not pr0n, but it makes me giggle to think that maybe it was) and pop ups kept jumping on the screen at random times, so he had to reformat it. Now, it wasn't as bad as the last time this happened (that was due to pr0n) cuzz the pop ups were only about life insurance and shit like that. Last time, I was sitting on the couch with Alex watching a movie and I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and there was a pair of tits staring at me with the words Horny Girls in Grand Blanc Want YOU flashing at me. Alex claims he didn't see the bewbs, but I think he did. LOL Lovely, eh? Anyway, so it was just a bunch of bullshit pop ups this time, but he couldn't get them to stop with all the other crap he did, so reformatting was the way to go. I had just got him to install some other programs that I had been asking him to install for a year on there, so I'm thinking it's gonna be at least another year before they get back on there. Grr. (Yes, I know how to install things, but Greg's programs all organized in his own special way and I can't find shit.)

What else, what else, what else...

I should be getting my little certification diploma and card soon for my AEMD. I kicked that test's ass!

Oh! I know you'll all be shocked, but I finally found out that I definitely DO NOT have Fibromyalsia. I went in for my appt on Wednesday and the doc was all, "Uh... Why are you here?" So I explained everything and he kinda giggled a bit. I told him I was sorry for making him waste an appt, but I didn't have it. He cocked an eyebrow at me and asked if I knew anyone with it, so I told him I did and that I also knew how to read. He laughed and said that there's so much bullshit on the internets that people are diagnosing themselves with and with out things simply based on what someone else wrote. I told him that my bullshit detector was fully functional and explained all the medical background I have and he snickered a bit and said that he needed to do the exam anyway, just to be certain. Ok, I can get that. The only reaction got out of me was when he wound up tickling me. He looked down and asked if what he was doing hurt and I burst out laughing. (I had been trying not to.) He confirmed I don't have it and he's writing a recommendation to my doc for an MRI and/or CAT Scan. he can't understand why I've never had one in the 5 years I've been dealing with this shit, either. He was saying how there's only so much that can be seen with surgery and ultrasound, the rest is typically seen with an MRI. So, that was THAT appt. I saw my urologist, too, and have a new prescription to fill. He finally gave me a script for the pills that are supposed to help the interstitial cystitis. What I had initially (the shit that took me almost 4 months to fucking get) has to be administered in 5 consecutive days and there's just no way I can take that much time off work. Even if I were to have someone come in and cover so I could go up there and go back to work, I have no clue how that crap would effect me and there's a possibility that I would need to stay home afterwards. Bleh. He said the pills take about 3 months to fix anything and if they don't work, I'll have no choice but to use the other stuff, so we'll see how this goes.

And that's pretty much it. Nothing fun and exciting. :-( aw

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