Saturday, April 05, 2008

Well, THAT was interesting...

So, my little brother graduated from basic training this week/weekend. (I can't remember if he graduated Thursday or Friday) I was supposed to go down there for it, but too many doctors appts prevented me from going. My mom is in the process of driving him down to Ft Gordon in Georgia for AIT and Jesse called me from the road.

We're shootin the shit or whatever and he started talking about getting hit with something. I couldn't understand what he was saying. Then I heard a crash and he said they had just gotten hit. I asked if he was ok and he said he was. Then I heard my mom tell him to "get the fuck off the phone and call 911". o_O That kinda worried me a bit, but we got off the phone right away and I got to sit here at work and wonder if they really were ok.

My mom just called a few minutes ago to let me know that they were, indeed, alright and that the sound I had heard was the window shattering on my brother. Seems they got hit in the passenger door by some chick. Jesse was checked out by ambulance personnel and he refused to be taken to the hospital cuzz he didn't need to go. The other car had to be towed cuzz it wouldn't start.

My mom is VERY glad she decided to pay the little of extra money for the insurance.

Renewed my CPR certification. Now I get to renew my EMD. Weeha. This is going to be a LONG week. I have to drive at least 1 hour (each way) for my class Monday - Wednesday after working this weekend and then I have to work Thursday and Friday. Yay.

Boughted me some new girl jeans. These ones don't fall off my ass. As much anyway. Also got the boy some new pants and tshirts. He's not allowed to wear shorts to school, for whatever reason, so these will work well for the rest of the year and probably for some crap during the summer. If the little shit would quit growing I'd be all set. :-P

I almost got one of the funniest cat pictures evAr last night, but I failed. There was one cat eating and 3 more standing behind in line. Once they heard the camera turn on, they scattered. Bitches, ruining my fun.

That's about it. Won't get to see the boy until the 14th cuzz of work and class. That's got me down a bit. Maybe I can steal him away and take him to dinner one night. That shouldn't have him out too late and he won't be too tired for school. Guess I'll have to wait and see where I am financially this week. Heh.

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Cricket said...

Nothing like being on line with the WRONG 911 operator when an accident happened. Talk about strange.

You have a busy week coming up. I hope you get some grub with the kid. He'll need some Momma Time.