Saturday, December 08, 2007

So, I seem to have pissed off someone I work with. *blink* And I'm not all that upset about it. It's actually been kinda nice not to have anyone talking to me for the first couple of hours at work. Wonder how long it will last?

I'm hating money right now. HATE. Then again, when do I not hate money? Oh yeah, when I don't have to spend it on bills and wonder how I'm gonna get groceries and Christmas presents. Seriously, we are beyond broke. And who can I blame? It's not like I had a gun to my head and had to give all my money to some mugger. Hell, if that had happened, I could probably take advantage of some sympathy pity. Nope! Just regular ole stupid-asshole-quit-not-managing-your-money-properly pity. And that pity SUCKS. And what sucks just a little more than that? I find myself harboring resentment towards Greg for this. But hey! He's all set with whatever the hell he had in mind when he went out and spent money like we had a money tree, so it's cool. >_<

I am in LOVE with Grape Aquafina. LOVELOVELOVE! I've been seriously contemplating calling the water company to see if I can't just get that shit to flow freely from the faucets. Of course, it'll have to go through the Brita pitcher first cuzz if it doesn't, it'll smell like a combination of chlorine, eggs and ass and probably taste much like that appetizing combo, but hey, it'd be CHEAPER!!!

Having surgery on the 20th. Yippee. I have to remember to get my FMLA paperwork filled out by my surgeon so my boss will approve my PTO. I wish I had known that before yesterday cuzz I could have already taken care of that. Guess that's what happens when the ginormous hospital you work for expects one person to do a job that should take, like, maybe 3 people to do. My boss is INCREDIBLY overloaded and while I do bitch about how he doesn't do this, that and the other thing, I know it's not cuzz he's a complete douche or anything. Which kinda sucks cuzz, really, who wants to defend their boss? That's almost equivalent to ass kissing and NO ONE likes an ass kisser.

I'm not excited about tonight. I have to go and make up a dart night in fuckin Fenton. Not something I'm looking forward to. The team we're playing is no fun, which typically makes the night suck. I don't have any money for beer, so THAT sucks. And, really? I'm just fuckin tired and I'm in pain and I don't want to deal with everyone asking me if I'm ok when I attempt to walk. Do I look like I'm ok? I know it's not a question that's intended to be rude or anything and I try not to be rude when I answer, but DUDES. Every.Fucking.Time.I.Get.Out.Of.A.Chair. I get asked. You try not being a little miffed by that. Betcha can't!

There's a little shindig for Mandy's bday tonight, too. I want to go, but I don't at the same time. I mean, it's her birthday today and everyone should have their friends around for their birthday. Thing is, I'm gonna be dog ass tired to begin with and I can't take my pain meds until I know I'm in for the night, so THAT'S gonna be interesting. I want to at least be able to buy her a beer and/or a shot, but I won't be able to. I'm sure she'll understand, though. Hell, she's probably in the same boat I am financially. I'm planning on heading up as soon as the make up game is done; I'm just not sure if I'll be able to stick to that plan.

I'm going to give up my Den Leader status. Heh. It's just not fair to the boys to have a leader who doesn't know if they can be there for every meeting. I mean, getting sick once in a while is understandable, but I've been having so much trouble getting around that I've been having to miss and that's just not fair. I'm hoping that one of the other parents will step up and quit being so fucking wishy washy about it, but I doubt that's gonna happen. Ugh. I want to quit scouts all together, but the boys would be heartbroken, so that's not an option. If Matt would step up and, oh I don't know, be a father to HIS child instead of only stepping up for Danette's kids, it wouldn't be so bad. Every time I've asked him if he could take the boys to a meeting, he has some excuse. Kinda like the excuse he gave me when I asked if he could take the boy home or at least up to the ER when I went a couple of weeks ago and he couldn't cuzz he didn't have gas. Whatever.

My skin is SO dry right not that it's unreal. Hell, the air is so freaking dry that when I breathe it tastes like blood. Ew. I'm so gross.

I want my makeup. I woke up at, like, 610 this morning and I have to be to work by 7. I had just enough time to shower and start my car while I took off the makeup that was left behind after I washed my face. Suck. I was kinda hoping to throw on a little make up since I'm leaving straight from work to go to other places tonight, but oh well. I'll just look like death tonight. It'll be pure sex, I'm telling you.

What else, what else...

My friend is getting ready to pop out a baby. She's due on Monday. I feel bad cuzz we were supposed to have dinner together and let the boys play (they both have the same name cuzz we are the AWESOME), but I've had to back out every time we've made plans. That's why I just need to randomly show up places. If I could just be all, "Hey, I think I'm gonna show up here and they will feed me and the boy cuzz they will be prepared and it will rawk", then I'd never have to break plans and I would see everyone all the time and everything would be shiny and happy and yay! Shut up, I like living in delusions sometimes.

I guess that's all. I was really enjoying typing for some reason. I'm weird. And you LOVE it. LOVE, I tell you!

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Becky said...

It totally bites not having money for the holidays. Each year, I tell myself that we're going to start saving ahead of time, and each year we totally forget.

Sucks balls.