Sunday, December 09, 2007

Written from work... And then from home!

Holy slow intarwebs Batman! The computer is lagging HARDCORE and it's making me feel a little bit stabby. Then again, I've been feeling a little bit stabby at the drop of a hat lately, so chances are really good that I'm just being too fucking impatient and need to calm down a bit. Damned hormones.

It seems that in order for the laprascopy to go like it should, I need to have the Depo Lupron out of my system. It also seems that while I faithfully received the shots for 5 months, it only takes 6 weeks for that shit to vacate. Sounds odd to me, but I'm no doctor. Just a lowly dispatcher that is beginning to wonder if this doctor that will be doing the procedure actually thinks there's anything wrong with me. But that's a post for a different time. When there's beer and/or wine. Or maybe just when there's a couple of Dilauded pills in my system. Ok fine, it's a post for when I'm at home damn it. (I was trying to sound all hardcore about my creativity and needing booze and possibly pills to be all creative and awesome, but you just had to ruin it for me didn't you! Geeze...)


Anyway, with the lupron leaving my system, my beautiful PMS is coming back 10 fold, like it was pissed at being suppressed for so long. In reality, it was never suppressed. It was AMPLIFIED and I was full of the crazy. But, since it didn't have a happy period (fuck you Always products. There is NO SUCH THING.) I think the PMS felt all empty and emo and now? It must take out it's emo angst on me. I expect lots and LOTS of pity.

I forgot to bring food with me to work today and I'm rather hungry. Greg has been home all day and I am hoping that there will be dinner when I bring the boy home from his dad's, but I'm betting that he sat around watching movies all day. *sigh* My home is such an incredibly mess right now and I HATE it. It makes me wish I had a long sword with which I could play stabby and just stab all the crap that needs to be picked up and it would magically go where ever the fuck it needed to go simply with 1 stab. Or that Greg would clean for me. Neither of which is likely to happen, but you never know. Magical stabby cleaning swords appear all the time from what I hear.

OH YEAH! So! Last night I went to darts for the make up games. First, I got a freaked out text from one of the people on my team saying that no one was at the bar we were supposed to throw at and OH!MY!GOD! *insert appropriate freak out here* See, my phone decided to turn itself off at some point and it forgot to tell me. So, there was minor drama there. So, we're throwing and people are asking me if I'm ok and I was wishing I had a walker with those cool tennis balls on the front. About halfway through the games, I went to go sit back down after my shot. As I was walking past the bar, this random chick in a red blazer grabbed my face and started to MAKE OUT WITH ME!!! Then she walked off to the bathroom. I'm guessing the drive by make out was a bit one sided, seeing as how I wasn't anticipating it and, um, well... Girls are not exactly my thing. I was stood there COMPLETELY freaked out and kept asking my friends if they had just seen what happened. We all stood there with this wide eyed look of amazement on our faces. Then this dude in a sweater (think Bill Cosby sweater. Yeah, for real. And he looked like he was younger than I am.) tells me that the same chick dragged him from the front of the place to the bar so she could "buy him a beer for being hot." That pissed me off and shook me out of my shock. I mean, how come HE got a beer and all I got was a random drive by make out? If ANYTHING, I deserved booze for that. Random people who witnessed the drive by make out kept coming up to me, asking if I knew who she was. Every time I answered no, they told me that's what they had thought, judging by my reaction. I'm still a little bitter about not getting any booze.

~And now from home~

I hadn't realized how late it had gotten when I was writing this last night. I had to save right quick and get the hell outta Dodge so I could pick the kidling up from his dad's. I hobbled my way to the door and Matt couldn't even be bothered to step out onto the porch. Dick. I think next week I'll be calling in advance to get him to bring him out to the car. It'll be a mild annoyance, but it'll make me giggle.

I have GOT to remember to get someone to come in early for me on Friday. The boy's Christmas program is that night. I got there incredibly late last year cuzz that's the day I put Harley down. Heh. I just realized that she was put to sleep on the 14th last year, which also happened to be the date of the Christmas program last year and just so happens to be the same date for THIS year's program. How odd...

In my head, I think I've been able to figure out how to buy Christmas this year. All of our bills should be current, so all we really have to worry about is rent. Damn rent. Oh and the phone bill. I HAVE to remember to pay that this time. Last month, my mommy bailed me out cuzz I forgot to pay it for 2 months in a row. I used to be so on top of getting everything paid and now I'm lucky if I remember that I got a bill in the mail. I blame the Lupron.

Is it sad that I'm excited for my surgery simply cuzz it means that I'll get 3 days off? I think it's sad. I love my job for the most part (dealing with some of the nurses makes me wanna play stabby sometimes, though) and I used to look forward to going in. I can remember actually feeling happy that I was going to work when we first started. Now, it's such a damned chore that I would call in all the time if I could get away with it. Meh. I still think it'll get better.

I think I'm gonna stop writing now and blacken my lungs a bit. I typically reserve my Dilaudid for night time use, but I hurt so much right now that I've already taken it. Greg said he'd pick the boy up from school today, though, so that's awesome. I kinda wish they had bus service, though. I guess that's what I get for sending him to a school that had a biggest graduating class of 12 a couple years back. o_O At least I can send him to school with chocolate in his lunch!

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