Friday, November 23, 2007

So, I am either awesome and just avoided being scammed or I just missed out on $2000 that I could REALLY use right now.

I just got a phone call from 201. Yeah, 201 is all that came up. On the other end was someone who was obviously from India or a country near there. He asked for me by name and I told him that I wasn't available and asked if I could take a message. He asked if I was family and I told him that I was my sister. I was told that since I have paid my social security taxes on time for many years, I was one of 10,000 people in Michigan that had been selected by the US federal government to receive two deposits of $1000 for the next two months into my checking account. I was told to look at it as a "Christmas bonus". Ok, I love free money and $2000 would get me out of this hole that Greg and I have dug ourselves into cuzz we are retarded with money. They knew my name and my address. All they needed from me was the name of my bank and my deposit number. That changed to my checking account number as the guy rattled on. When I could finally speak, I told him that I would not be giving him my checking account number. He kept asking me why I could not understand and that my checking account number was merely my identification number and was not confidential to the bank. I told him that I had no way to verify that he was legit and asked for his name and phone number so that I could call him back and verify. He said, again, that my checking account number was not confidential and that it was only an identification number. To make it sound like he was telling me the truth, he told me that he was not asking for personal information or my routing number or debit card numbers. I told him that anyone could walk into my bank with an ID that had my name on it and take money out of my account with only my checking account number. He responded by telling me that he would bet me it couldn't be done that way. I told him that I knew for a fact that it could cuzz I had just done so on Wednesday! He transferred me to his "manager", who sounded exactly like him, and HE proceeded to argue with me about it. Finally, I was transferred to an automated thing to obtain my confirmation number and was asked for my checking account number again.

I hung up. I could seriously use $2000 right now, but I can pretty well guarantee that my checking account would be drained and that I'd never see that fucking money. And seriously? $19 is not worth the hassle of having to cancel checks and close one account and open another.

I wanted to report it, but I can't figure out who to call or where to go online. Everything I come up with is about people getting fraudulent social security benefits and I don't think this qualifies.

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Cricket said...

That's usually an email scam, can't believe they did it by phone.

Just thinking of someone having personal information like that is scary. Gives me the willies.