Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And it just keeps on coming...

I've been wanting to update with happier themes and what not. Unfortunately, this is not gonna be one of those kind of updates. This is the kind of update that just makes me want to start drinking at 800 in the morning. Heh.

So, I haven't had medical insurance since I officially lost my job at Genesys. No big secret there. Once that happened, the insurance coverage I had for the boy was lost as well. Matt still has him on his insurance, so it wasn't really all that big a deal. I've looked into getting him on Medicaid or whatever, but I have yet to hear anything. (I'm not surprised since there has been a GINORMOUS increase in people who need help.) I think it might have to do with the fact that Alex is already insured under Matt, so it's not a top priority to get him Medicaid. The only reason I looked into it is cuzz that according to the divorce paperwork, Matt and I BOTH have to carry medical insurance for Alex. It wasn't a problem when we got divorced cuzz Alex was on Medicaid and then when I got hired in at Genesys, it cost me $60 a month for both of us to have medical, dental and vision. When I hired in at Patriot, I looked into their insurance and realized that unless they decided to pay me like $15 an hour, I couldn't afford it.

So, I got home from work last night and was dinking around online reveling in my Happy Moron Tuesday (seriously, it was rough.). Greg came home from work and brought the mail in cuzz, being that it was Happy Moron Tuesday, I had forgotten to check it. I got a letter from the HR place that Patriot uses, so I figured I'd better open it and make sure I wasn't being fired or anything. (Not that I think I would be, but I'm a little paranoid after everything that went down at GETS.) In that letter, I was told that pursuant a National Medical Support Notice, case number blahblahblah, Alex is going to be enrolled in the medical insurance offered by Patriot. Since he's being enrolled, I have to be enrolled.

What's this insurance going to cost me? Just over $400 a fucking month.

I can barely pay my bills NOW, how the fuck am I supposed to be able to pay any bills when I'm going to be losing damned near half of my paycheck?!

Greg doesn't seem concerned at all. Then again, whenever something happens concerning money, he doesn't really have ANY reaction, so I suppose that's a normal response for him. Heh. I'm gonna have to try to get another job, which is going to be difficult cuzz the dispatchers have all been told that if we need to have another job and it interferes in ANY way with our job at Patriot, we'll be bumped down to part time, which is basically no hours unless they need someone to cover for vacation or a call off.

I don't know what the fuck I'm gonna do...


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. You need a break. That's all. You need a break.

Anonymous said...

Oops, me.