Tuesday, April 01, 2008

In which I present Baby Boy! Complete with random update!

So... I missed my appt with the fibromaylsia doc. I slept through my alarm cuzz I am teh awesomest evAr! Seriously, I finally fell asleep around 0500 and had to be up at 0700. Thankfully, they tried to call me into work today cuzz I slept through that alarm, too. Had they not woke me up? The boy would have been HORRIBLY late for school. Heh. New appt is in two weeks. They could've gotten me in next week, but I'll be in class to obtain my EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) certification that I allowed to expire in June 2006. I was under the (correct) assumption that I wouldn't need it to work with the hospital that I do, but the Medical Control Authority has recently passed a thing stating that EVERY dispatcher in the county MUST be certified. It's not a bad thing, I like having the training and the reference protocols so that in the (incredibly rare) event I have a private caller that needs me to assist them with CPR (which I could've done anyway, being an {expired} instructor) or maybe to help a caller birth a breech baby, I can do that with a script that was made by actual doctors! Seriously, I completely heart having that certification and it allows me to go ANYWHERE in the U.S. and still be able to dispatch. Which will be awesome as fuck if I decide that I absolutely must leave the state (or maybe change jobs and, say, work with an actual 911 center) I can do it and not have to worry about a job. I would LOVELOVELOVE to leave Michigan, but I'd have to take the ex to court to get permission to take the boy and it's just not worth it right now.


I'm drinking a nice Merlot from Barefoot which (I think and could be COMPLETELY wrong about {damn you ALanis Morrisette}) is ironic as hell considering that I absolutely DESPISE anything and everything that is related to and/or involving feet, and getting ready to start on an even better Cabernet Sauvignon by the same winery, and listening to a band called HURT. (Seriously, check them out! They are fucking AWESOMETACULAR! Especially if you're a lyrics bitch like I am. I have their CDs Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 and it's incredibly {I really like that word tonight} that they ever leave my CD player. They're rock/hard rock, but they're not as hard as what I typically listen to. Go. Listen. and LOVE THEM LIKE I DO!!!)


I do believe I promised you good people some BABY pictures! Keep in mind that I neglected to scan his newborn pictures. Well, with the exception of the one that the hospital took. See, when Alex was born, he didn't cry. That made everyone in the room (approx 15 nurses and 3 doctors {for real. I pushed HARD for 3 hours and he didn't move AT.ALL. Plus I had an asthma attack in the middle, so everyone freaked out}) freak, so I didn't get to see him for the first 4 hours of his life. I made his dad go with everyone to the NICU to make sure he didn't get mixed up with another baby or stolen or something and he took pictures. Basically, my precious little boy has a bunch of pictures of himself with tubes and monitors and, while I know it's not a bad thing and it could have been SO much worse, I just don't want to post those. He looks perfectly healthy and like he has absolutely NO need for the wires and tubes (which he didn't, he was just stubborn like his momma) I just don't want to scan the,. Deal with it.

What you get is gonna be SO much more. Well, for as long as I leave it up anyway. the first thing is a page of sorts from his first year. All wallet photos. Yeah... I'm that mom. The one that gets hit on at the bar (Lord only knows WHY) and whips out all sorts of wallet pictures of the precious little child that she is not taking care of for whatever reason. I know, I know, I fucking rawk! After that will be pictures from his first few months until just after his first year. That's where my pictures stop. I lost A LOT of stuff when I left my ex. I just realized last night that a shit ton of pictures were among the things I lost.


Enjoy the cute. My son is the cutest redhead you'll ever see! Ok, Ok, with the exception of Cricket's little boy. But, hey, TWO awesomely cute redheadds acn't be all bad. Unless they somehow get together and join forces. Then all Hell will break loose and I', pretty sure the Four Horsemen will appear and all will be lost. :-P

Let the pictures begin!!!

Isn't he just fucking gorgeous?! I'm totally TOO buzzed and tired to come up with captions. Just remember that he stole that cat toy from Harley and would not go ANYWHERE with out it. And also that he's ALWAYS been tall and skinny. o_O And he STILL loves his BBQ. Momma's boy ALL .THE.WAY.

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