Monday, March 31, 2008

Guess I spoke too soon...

So, I updated and thought I'd be blogging with the regularity of an old lady that dutifully drank her prune juice. And then. THEN. I was struck down. THE FLU entered my home.

I woke up perfectly fine. Was giggling and in a pretty damned decent mood. Alex came home (he'd been on Spring Break) from spending the night with his grandparents and gramma told me that his tummy had been bothering him. Uh oh. See, the boy had a birthday party to attend that day. Something he had been looking forward to for almost two weeks. It was all he could talk about. Well, when he was distracted from video game talk. He was looking a little rough, so I told him that we'd see how he was doing as the morning went on and maybe we'd just show up an hour late.

He didn't get any better. His poor little tummy just kept hurting and he started to get one of his headaches, so I called and let them know that he had gotten sick and we wouldn't be able to attend. Of course, there was a fit. I told him to go to his room until he was finished and he asked me why he was in trouble. I told him he wasn't in trouble and I knew that he was just venting his frustrations, but I was starting to not feel well myself and I figured that venting in his bedroom would be a better option for him, since he could get loud as hell in there. So, he had his fit for about an hour and a half. At one point, I went to the bathroom and listened to him tell himself how worthless he was cuzz he could never do anything fun. (Ok, this kid get sick EVERY.TIME. there is something he wants to do or if he gets time off school. Every holiday, he gets sick. Every school break, he gets sick. There's not been one holiday or anything that I can remember since he's been born that he's not been sick.) I went into his room and told him that wasn't true and blahblahtryingtobeagoodmommyblah. In the middle of my little speech, though, I had to run back into the bathroom. The sounds of spewing made him stop having his fit. I think that's when he realized that we were BOTH sick.

The next two days were spent with him laying on the floor on a make shift bed I made for him out of pillows and blankets and me laying on the couch with my pillow, blanket and Pound Puppy. There were MANY cartoons watched and video games played and naps taken. In fact, I didn't bother to set an alarm on Day Two of the Death Flu cuzz I honestly thought we'd be awake at 545 when the boy's dad showed up. Guess who said, "Fuck it, I'm not answering the door. Whoever it is can go to hell!" for the first couple knocks? Heh. Yeah... Daddy was none to happy when he saw Alex all conked out on the floor. The place was a disaster and the cats came out to greet him, so it looked like we were living in a possible junk yard. It was awesome. My hair was plastered to my head in the ever sexy greasy way. I had on sweat pants and an old baseball tshirt. I had just tripped over the Spider-Man chair that goes with the boy's table where he managed to eat some Ramen noodles. There were blankets EVERYWHERE. Dishes everywhere. Empty 2 liter bottles of Vernors were strewn about. 5 cats were wandering around, looking slightly lost and intently smelling Matt's jeans. I looked like the fucking Mother of the Year. He looked at me with one of those are-you-kidding-me looks and I looked at him and said, "Fuck off, we've got the Death Flu and if you keep looking at me that way, I am totally gonna lick you face and give YOU the Death Flu." He backed off cuzz he knew I'd do it. (I did that a couple times while we were married and he was being a dick. heheh.)

So, that's been the reason for this LATEST absence. Hopefully, I shall remain healthy and be able to entertain you all with tales of work place woe and kitty filled drama. Kinda like a soap opera, but with out the always romantic sex scenes. We don't typically do sex scenes around this joint, but if I run out of other material, I just might start!

Frightening, eh?


Cricket said...

You're so entertaining that you even make the Death Flu funny. You can post about anything.

I am so sorry about the youngin's track record with fun outings and holidays. Gotta do something about that. (As if...)

Take all your vits and keep yourself well.

Becky said...

Feel better soon, and fucking post once in awhile, dude. I miss you.