Sunday, January 06, 2008

♪So I kissed him upside the cranium with an aluminum baseball bat♪

I fucking love Primus.

I've been sitting here playing Dynomite and listening to music for the better part of my day so far and I am having FUN. At work. :-/ Something seems so very wrong with that statement.

I think I am also experiencing a sugar rush that can only possibly be rivaled by smoking a crack pipe. Sadly, I left my crack at home this morning, so I cannot prove this theroy.

The other night, Greg and I decided to trap the two little kitties under a laundry basket just to see what they'd do. I wanted to see if we could have a Kitties in the Cage match, ala WWE, but they disappointed me. They just layed down next to each other and cleaned a little while they tried to keep their eyes open. So then Greg? Well, he has this gas problem. Mainly, he farts ALL.THE.TIME.


Greg has to fart. We're sitting on the couch, half assed watching the TV and trying to see how long it's gonna take the kittens to realize that HEY! They're not able to move about freely! He starts giggling. He then proceeds to squat in front of the laundry basket so his ass is pointing directly at the kitten's faces. And then he ripped off the most ginormous fart I have ever heard him release. He didn't admit it, but I'm willing to bet that it hurt his ass a little. The kittens pick that time to just lose their shit. They could not escape the fart. And I laughed! And laughed and laughed. Greg let them out after about 30 seconds, but I laughed for like 1/2 an hour. He later commented on how hard it usually is to find a chick who will laugh at that kind of thing. I told him that farts are ALWAYS funny. Always.

And that's been basically it. Go in for an ultrasound after I drop the boy off at school and finally get my post op appt taken care of tomorrow afternoon. I was supposed to have it Wednesday, but Mother Nature decided to shit out about a metic ton of snow, so I cancelled. Weeha. What an exciting life I lead. :-P


Cricket said...

Shits and grins, almost literally, at your house. Poor, tortured kitties.

Hope all goes well on Monday.

Becky said...

Farts are always funny. Always.