Saturday, January 05, 2008

Blarg. I wan to blog, but am lacking anything of intrest to blog about.

Then again...

My brother decided to join the ARMY. His ship date for basic was supposedly to be the day after my birthday next week. That's right. I said supposed. Seems the FBI told the ARMY that my brother is a security risk. HAHAHAHA!!! Wait, it gets better. The reason he's a "security risk"? Cuzz he owes a shit ton of money to the state treasury for bullshit Driver Responsibility fees. Now, I've had these fees before, too. Spent well over $2000 paying those bullshit fees. Well, I spent $1000 thinking that I was done cuzz I had paid the intial fee. Imagine my surprise when I received my notice to pay SECOND YEAR fees. Oh yeah. They made me pay AGAIN. Assholes. And people wonder why this state sucks so much ass. Seriously, I can barely keep my bills paid and have to forgo certain things that I'm legally obligated to have (does anyone else understand what a waste of money car insurance is in this state? Especially when you have to choose between keeping your child housed and fed or have insurance on your car? Ugh.). But this post is about my brother.


So yeah. Aparently the FBI thinks that he's a security risk cuzz my family isn't swimming in gold coins like Scrooge McDuck. I love knowing that they are willing to rip a man from his family when he is inches away from being done with the whole military thing, but they won't take a young man who WANTS to go cuzz he can't pay bullshit fines that he should be able to contest but CAN'T cuzz that's the way the law was written. (Seriously, once you get a ticket, if you get one that warrents these fees, you can not dispute it under any circumstances. The government has to get their money somehow. Makes me wonder how the hell the state is so fucking broke.) From what I understand, the reason his fees are so high is cuzz the cop that pulled him over was a fucking moron. He was pulled over for his windshield being cracked which, hey, it's illegal so it should've gotten him pulled over. Got that, no problem with that. This wasn't too long after he'd had shoulder surgery and he had a prescription with him. So, since the cop didn't know what the medication was, he decided to arrest my brother and charge him with carrying a controlled substance. In court, it was proven that he didn't have a controlled substance but rather a prescription for anti-inflamatories. My brother had a moment of brilliance and left the narcotics he'd received for pain at home. So that shit got thrown out of court. Well, the Driver Responsibilty fee about the controlled substance wasn't and can't be challenged. Complete bullshit.

My mom wrote to all the senators and congress people yesterday (when they were told they had 48 hours to get things taken care of or he couldn't go to boot camp) and I guess my brother had already heard from some of them by yesterday afternoon. Hopefully they can do something about this. I don't know if he can take another blow like this. He's been trying so fucking hard to do SOMETHING with his life and just when things start going his way, something happens to blow him out of the water.

So, there's that bitch. In other news, there will be birthday shinanagans next weekend. Going to ye ole karaoke bar to get hammered and slur through some songs and call it singing. From what I've been told, since I took Saturday AND Sunday off this year, I'll be drunk all weekend. Ya know what? After the bullshit weekend I've been having, that sounds SO awesome. I hate my bank with the fire of a millionty firey suns spewing fire and will be changing banks as soon as I can. But that's another bitch for another time.


Huh. Looks like I may have run out of things to type about. Well, since I've run out of things to tell the intarwebs, you should bask in the glory that is my links list on the side bar there. Isn't she pretty?


Cricket said...

I am so sorry about your brother. It's so good for someone wanting to get themselves together. I hope something works out.

It seems so anti-Michael Moore, huh? Someone from Flint not going in the military.

Yup, they'd rather grab a geezer. Unbelievable.

Can't comprehend those fees for your state. Never heard of such. I thought it sucked having to have vehicles inspected like around here, but not in the next state over. Well, we did get the highest fines nationally passed for many driving offenses (frustratingly just for in state drivers), but I am seriously trying to ignore those bad boys. Yeah, they serve as a deterrent, too.

Can't wait to hear about your birthday, you party dog, you!

Becky said...

That's terrible, duder. I'm sorry.

It's complete bullshit.