Saturday, December 29, 2007


I've been sitting here all by my lonesome for damned near 12 hours now. It's been nice, but pretty damned boring. There's never anything on TV on the weekend and, up until recently, almost all the good shit on the intarwebs was blocked. Today I discovered that not only can I access the games, but I can access the music. I'm blissfully listening to In This River by Black Label Society and all is ok with the world.

Have I mentioned that I think the knocking me out during laprascopy fucked up my mind? Seriously. Like, on Christmas Eve, I was parked out front of my aunt and uncle's house, but I didn't recognize it. And then, on actual Christmas, I was picking Alex up from the ex-husband's parents house and I didn't recognize his backpack. I thought it belonged to one of the other kids. And I had to be convinced that it was actually his. o_O The mind. She burns.

And my leg is all hurty and gimpified. I think I wrote about that, though.

Oooo sweet! Ben Folds Five! I fucking heart them!


I have my follow up with my surgery/specialty/non-thorough doc on the second. Well, providing my referral comes through in time. I had to wait until yesterday to set up the appt and the family doc's office closes at noon on Fridays. I called before that, but had to leave a message. Meh. They should be able to get it through. Then I get to see the pee doc on the 25th or something like that to start treatment for the interstitial cystitis, which means I should be bald by summer. At least my head won't be hot, eh? I have to wait until the 2nd to get a hold of the fibromyalsia dude cuzz the office seems to be closed every day I try to call. That's mildly annoying.

And that's about it. Went out and has a beer or five with a couple friends last night and they talked me into going to sing karaoke, which made me miss doing theater again. I haven't been in a show for three damned years now. One of these days I'll get back into it. Maybe. I kinda feel like my time has passed on that one. Grr.

Ok, I'm off to dink around with the games again, I guess. Only about a half an hour left of working and then I get to go home and harass the kitties. Oh! So, my Sirius radio module was thieved from my car at work a couple months back. Today, Greg's was stolen out his car while he was at home. We're thinking it happened sometime after I got home last night. Greg called Sirius and now we're both getting new modules for free. The ones we're getting are normally like $130, I guess. Weeha for that!

Now, I'm really going. I'm thinking of doing a Year in Review thing like Grandpa Becky tomorrow. We'll see if I get the motivation.


Cricket said...

Spacing out and being wrong, yeah I do that and it generally has to do with somoething that belongs to my son.

Bummer about the radios. Hurray about the radios!

Yeah, do a year in review. Wrap this puppy into a nice little summary. I have not thought of doing that myself. Isn't there a limit about how depressing a blog could get?

brite69 said...

Heh. Let' shope not cuzz mine could get a little depressing, too! :-/

Becky said...

Sorry about your mind being blown. Been there too many times to count.

And I'm holding my breath until you do the year in review.