Monday, November 05, 2007

LOTS Of Pictures! Of CATS!

And the boy with his pumpkin. I forgot to take any pictures in his Ninja costume. Seems forgetting things has become my super power or something.



I'm not feeling creative enough to caption them. The older cats are starting to like the bitty one, I think. Baby lets her use her as a pillow and vice versa, so I know she's starting to warm up to her. Squeak will clean her on occasion and Mydna has pretty much adopted her as a sidekick. LOL

And that's all for tonight. Wow. 2 entries in a week. I'm impressed with myself.

1 comment:

Cricket said...

I love all the babies, two-legged and four. I cannot believe how the littlest one will curl up with anybody and they let her. I want a kitten so badly so as to unite my two warring factions.

Thanks for sharing.