Sunday, November 04, 2007

Everyone seems to be doing this NaBloPoMo thing. I am not due to the fact that I am lazy and I fail at updating anything lately. So, what I've decided to do is attempt to update at least once a week. I'm really shooting for 3 times, but I'll keep that little goal to myself and stick with the minimum of once a week. That way, if I am actually able to update 3 times a week, it'll be a happy fun surprise instead of a disappointment for myself.

So, not much is really new at the moment. Still broke as hell, though now it's a little more so than normal. See, there's something going on with the child support. Last week, it was $20 short and then it just didn't show up at all this week. When I tried to call the ex-husband to let him know about, just in case it was some kind of problem with Friend of the Court and not him, I discovered that his phone had been disconnected. Now, this leads me to 2 conclusions. 1- He got a job down near Detroit and he and his insta-family are going to be moving down there like his grandmother told me or 2- He quit his job cuzz his girlfriend/fiance/whatever is working and, really, why the hell should they have 2 incomes coming in when he can just sit on his ass and make an ass groove in the couch cushions while watching her kids run wild. I'll find out for sure when I pick up the boy after work tonight. I'm leaning toward the quitting the job thing, though I really don't want to find out that's the case. He's actually held a job since we separated which, for him, is pretty fucking spectacular. The only time he hasn't paid his child support was when he was in jail, (he was AWOL from the ARMY and was arrested a few Christmases ago) so I'm really hoping that he hasn't just fucked himself over by deciding that he doesn't need to work since she is. If that's what he's chosen to do, fine. Hope he has a good time with that. When he misses 2 months worth of child support, I'll be more than happy to lead the police right to his house so they can throw his ass in jail for being a douchebag dad.

I've been missing a lot of work lately and spending more and more time at the doctor's office. I'm not sure if it's the PCOS and the Endo or if it's the Depo Lupron, but something is messing with me. I'm having trouble walking and am at a constant 10 on the pain scale. Thing is, it's not just the normal pelvic pain that I have that's shot up to a 10. I now have pain in my hips and back to accompany it. It's fucking miserable. I have prescriptions for Diclofenac and Hydromorphone. The Hydromorphone makes things interesting. There's still the underlying pain, but it's no where near the point that I'm at right now (can't take it at work cuzz they have this thing about not taking controlled substances when you work EMS) and I don't seem to care too much that there's any pain at all. The Diclofenac doesn't really do too much that I can tell. I have to watch out for bleeding into the gut though, so that gives me a nice sense of adventure. I'm hoping to be able to get in to my Gyno next week to see if he can figure out what's going on and maybe get him to just take the girl parts away. I doubt he'll do that, but I'd really like him to.

The boy got his school pictures back and he looks like a little fuzz ball. The Bitsy is growing. She's about the size of my foot now and a bit bigger than my cell phone, so I know she's growing. LOL She's eats like she's a damned garbage disposal! She's face planted into my soup, a plate of eggs... She's eats olives, pickles, buffalo chicken wings. Pretty much anything that drops to the ground is inhaled by that little tiny cat. She's still small enough to squeeze under the doors, which I think makes the other cats jealous.

The boy and I will be traveling to see Great Great Grandpa sometime this week, I hope, since he's probably not gonna be around much longer. It kinda sucks that we won't be able to get out to see him if I don't get my child support any time soon. He's about 1/2 an hour away and gas isn't cheap, as I'm sure you know. I've got just under a 1/2 a tank right now and I don't get another pay check until the 15th. Hooray for $3 in the checking account! At least it's not a negative balance. That would really suck some balls.

Oh! My Sirius Satellite radio module got stolen out of my car yesterday sometime while I was working. I'm normally really good about locking my car up, but we had a pot luck for the Michigan vs. Michigan State game and I must've forgotten to lock it. I went out to my car to go home last night and it was gone. Thankfully, they didn't find the Nintendo DS in the backseat. We just got that for my son on his birthday. With the module gone, I'm only out about $30 to $40 cuzz I got it on sale a few months back. Had they found the DS, I'd have been out another $130.

And that's pretty much it. Got some new kitty pictures to post, but I'll have to do that from home. Now I've got to try and come up with something for the scouts to do at their meeting on Tuesday. Hooray. o_O


Cricket said...

I am so glad you were inspired to post. You always sound so busy, both good and bad ways. I am so sorry about your pain. Mine got better, not worse. Did they do a bone density test? Is it your bones from the lupron?

Too bad about the random stealing. That's a pisser, but at leas they didn't get the full load they could have.

Can't wait for the cat pics.

brite69 said...

They're not completely sure what is going on yet. My primary doc wants me to see the gyno since he's been the one handling all of this. I'm hoping that he'll order an MRI or a CAT scan to see what's going on. I've yet to have one and I've been dealing with this shit for 5 years. It's helped with all the crap from the periods, but not with teh pelvic pain around my ovaries. My primary is concerned that I might have endometrial cells on my muscles in my back. I'm not sure how they'd check for that, though. Hopefully I'll get some kind of information this week.