Saturday, August 18, 2007


I can now officially READ the blogs I was blocked from. Which I like. I can't comment (at least I don't think I can comment) which kinda sucks. Also, I've been trying to get my verification e-mail and I haven't gotten it. I even went through every fucking piece of bulk mail in case it went in there. Let me tell ya, I'm none too happy that it wasn't there. I was doing this thing where I didn't empty out my bulk folder for a while cuzz I was curious to see just how many I could get. I was at about 3000 when I went hunting. I gave up somewhere around 1600 and just emptied the damned thing and told bloglines to give me a new one.

Cricket- Reading your tale of the new wife reminded me that on Sept 1, I'll be spending the day at the beach with the ex-husband, the girlfriend/fiance/whateverthehellaheis and her 3 kids. I guess that's what the ex decided to plan for my son's birthday. I plan on taking the camera for pictures and I am hoping to have back up with me as well. And by back up, I mean someone I know who will sit with me and make sure I don't freak out when the ex's whatever decides to mess with my kid. See, the boy wants me to go cuzz, duh, it's for his birthday, but more specifically, he told me that he wants me there so I can see how she treats him. I know she won't do anything that she shouldn't while I'm there playing Mamma Bear, so that's not going to be an issue. What will be is the fact the she likes to run her mouth. A LOT. It probably doesn't help that I know she's scared of me.

- Ok, a bit of background before I continue. Ex's whatever is the older sister of my little brother's best friend. Little brother's best friend has known me since he was about 11 years old or so. Since little brother is 22 now, that makes it 11 years? Anyway, the whatever has heard stories about me in all that time from my little brother and her little brother. It was common knowledge then that she was scared of me, for whatever reason. I had never really met her and didn't have a problem with her, so really, there was no need to be scared of me. When she met the ex, we had been seperated for a month or so and I can only imagine the stories that came out of his mouth. When they broke up, supposedly "for good" and the ex decided to start calling me every day to tell me about the latest shit she had pulled and to make me think that he had maybe seen the error of his ways while we were married and try to pay me back as far as the lawsuit goes, he told me that she was extremely scared of me. Seems she got it into her head somehow (no doubt the ex's doing) that I was going to beat her ass old school like the next I saw her. No clue why I was going to do that, but okay. Since they've been back together and bought a house, some things have come to light that make me INCREDIBLY angry in the I'm-gonna-do-whatever-I-need-to-protect-my-son kind of way. Since then, she has decided that it's a good idea to run her mouth. -


SO! I'm not expecting the day to go well at all. I'm not going to go looking for a fight or anything like that. I plan on keeping pretty much to myself and following the boy around and pretty much ignoring the people I don't feel like seeing. If the ex-in-laws are there, I'm sure that will create a TON of tension, since they like me and will openly point out her flaws physically as well as the flaws in her charactor and parenting. I went through the same thing when I married their son, but since the divorce, a lot of the things that ex was telling them I had done in the marriage were reveled to be bullshit and a lot of the things that he had done came into light, all by his own hand. I didn't run around telling his family about anything that went on during our marriage that they didn't know about. It's none of their business. It should be an interesting event.

Cricket- I'm not sure I have as much self control as you do. I might have a few months ago, but since the menopause? My temper is incredibly quick. If she starts running her mouth, I know I'm gonna shoot off right back at her, which is why I intend on stalking my son around the beach. LOL

Other things that are coming up include Ozzfest (Lamb of God!!! WOO!!!) and my vacation. Mind you, vacation doesn't include actualy going anywhere to... Um... Vaca? Vacation includes going to the boy's Beach Birthday Bonanza and NOT GOING TO WORK. For over a week! I can't begin to express how excited I am to have time off. Granted, I'm not working 7 days a week anymore, but I've been burned out for a while now and I'm hoping this time off will let me get back into things a bit.

I'm excited about Ozzfest, too. This will be the first concert in years that I've gotten Greg to go to with me. Hell, this will be 1 of 2 times he'll have gone out with me someplace that isn't going to dinner and then RIGHTBACKHOME in at least a year. (The other time would be this past weekend when I was able to get him to come out for a grand total of 1 hour for my sister's birthday. I think he only went cuzz he had never met her and wasn't sure if he'd get the chance to again) My mission that day will be to not pass out on the hill. o_O The DTE Energy Music Theater (or Pine Knob for anyone who reads that remembers when it was called that) has a pavillion that's covered and has seats for a lot more money than the "lawn". The "lawn" is basically a GINORMOUS hill that has grass on it in some places. (I remember the first time I saw Korn there and the mosh pits started on the hill, a guy had broken his ankle on a 90 degree angle in the first 3 minutes of the very first song.) Well, when I went to see the Family values Tour last month, I wound up passing out on the hill and missing all of Korn. I'm confused as to WHY I passed, though. The only thing I can come up with is someone put something in my drink when I wasn't paying attention. I mean, it was a warm day out, but I spent most of it in the shade and yeah, I was drinking, but I had eaten and didn't drink nearly enough to get me to the passing out stage. The only thing that makes any sense is someone slipping something into my drink. I think I'm gonna see if I can't take an empty big girl sippy cup in with me this time so I can just empty my drinks into that and put the lid on it.

Phew! There's an entry with substance! Now, I'm off to see if I got my verification e-mail yet...

Thanks for the BlogLines suggestion, Cricket! I wonder how long it'll be before they block that out, too. :-P


Cricket said...

I feel for you with the beach trip. I have avoided the dual b'day pretty well until now. It is just asking for trouble.

My day at the ex's had my eyes bugging out. I think it was obvious, as was my silence. Alas, it was the best I can do.

I do not think fear is a bad thing. It'll keep her on her toes. You having an ally will be important.

Mostly, though, your son will get a lot out of having you all there together as one big happy family.

Cricket said...

Oh, Ozzfest. I am clueless. And old. But not as old as Ozzy.