Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Ozzburn

So, Sunday was Ozzfest and I had a fuckin BLAST! The bands were awesome, the pits were violent and there was even a sod fight. All in all, it was a GREAT day. Damned near 12 hours of metal and I have the sunburn to prove it. There were some minor tiffs, but nothing too major. Given that there were 6 of us that went together, I thought there might've been a bit more conflict. If there was, I wasn't around it and that made my day spectacular. I

took my little brother cuzz Greg backed out on me at the last minute. Looking back, it's probably best Greg didn't go. He'd have bitched the whole time. Hell, he texted me to see how it was and when I told him I was have a great time, he responded by telling me that it was all "kids shit anymore" and that there were only "kids with fucked up hair" there and that it was worse than rap, though he called it something different. Then, when the boy got dropped off, he tried to tell me that he wanted me home by 8 so he could go to sleep. He knew I didn't drive, so there was no way that could happen. He then told me that if he fell asleep, he didn't want to hear any bitching. I don't understand why he does things like that. He'll make plans with me, back out and then try to ruin my time when I go anyway. Or he'll just flat out tell me he doesn't want to go and then act like a ginormous asshole when I go anyway. When I was married, I wasn't allowed to do anything with out bargaining. I'm not about to get to that point again. At least he didn't threaten to move out this time. I told him the last time he did that that if he said it again, I'd put his shit out to the curb and he could move back home with mommy. I just don't understand why he has to try and make me feel like shit all the time. Just thinking about that shit makes me exhausted.

That's pretty much everything that's been happening. I took the boy over to my sister's house today. He hasn't seen her since he was like 2 or 3. Our sons are 19 days apart, so that was cool for the boy. He had a lot of fun today. She offered to go with me to the birthday thing on Saturday, too, and I think I'm gonna take her up on that.

So... On to the Ozzburn. It's epic.

This shoulder isn't too bad. I mean, it hurts, but the other side is damned near purple. o_O

Yeah. I'm totally awesome enough to manage to have a very distinct burn line from my necklace.

And there I am with no make up, showing off the mini black eye I got from catching a huge ass clump of sod with my face.

I was SO filthy when I got home that I took a shower right away. I had dirt everywhere. And, even though I was completely filthy, someone made me feel absolutely gorgeous. He seemed sincere when he kept complimenting me. It felt like he meant it and even if he didn't, it still made me feel incredible.

And no, it wasn't Greg.

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