Saturday, August 18, 2007

Just a quicky!

So... I'm at work right now. Big surprise, I know.

Anyway, I have all of my favorite blogs listed in a section of my e-mail and when I have down time at work, I read them. That practice has kept me entertained on many a slow day. At least, it did. I tried to read this morning only to be met with a Page Cannot Be Displayed message. This happened on quite a number of blogs, so I decided to try to go to And that's when the giant ACCESS DENIED page came up.


I can't read Cricket at work anymore. I can't read Badger at work anymore. I can't even access PostSecret at work anymore.

And I am pissed.

I'm not sure why I can't access those blogs, but I can access this. I haven't figured that one out yet, since when I've clicked on the view more blogs option on Cricket's blog, I've come across Blogger. In fact, I was under the impression that Blogger and BlogSpot were the same site. Mind you, I'm probably completely wrong in thinking that, but that's the impression I was under.

I'm sure that I'll eventually not be able to access this at all, especially considering that I cuss on here. A lot. I'm also relatively sure that at some point in the coming days and/or weeks, I will no longer have access to my DeadJournal or my LiveJournal as well. After all, my LiveJournal is my source of all things gossip and gossip is wrong. And my DeadJournal is where I say things like fuckity-fucking-fucker all the time. And that's wrong, too.

I guess that's what I get for working for a Catholic hospital. I sometimes wonder if the sisters (yes, I am speaking of nuns) access everyone's history just to see what they're looking at and get all freaked out cuzz there's cussin or something. Meh. I'm amused that I grew up in a pretty strict Catholic family and they did more cussing and rable-rousing (is that how you spell it?) than people in Flint! LOL

I guess I'll just have to limit my reading to when I'm at home. Damn it. I wanna read now!


Cricket said...

We just can't have this.

Would you consider doing a Bloglines or Google Reader? You could test a website or two to see if the reader itself is blocked. I'm sure there are obscure readers out there, too. Maybe Feedburner would do.

What, do they think you should work at work?

Cricket said...

See if this works: