Thursday, July 19, 2007

So... Not much happening since the last marathon update. Heh. Things seem to have pretty well evened themselves out as far as mood swingy-goodness and the hot flashes are starting to become not so irritating, though I'm still not completely sure when I'm having a hot flash or if the room is just overly warm.

Oh! I finally went and got a hair cut, so THAT'S new. It would seem that the people in my MySpace world think I look awesome, which is a HUGE ego boost. Kinda makes me wanna leave the house and go do something. Kinda, but not quite.

Anyway, here's me being a camwhore.

In that last one, I started out looking at the camera. That also seems to be the exact time that one of the cats (Mydna) decided she wanted to see if she could fly, hence why I'm not actually looking at the camera in the picture. She was unsuccessful, by the way.

So, other than gettin ma herr did, the only other thing I've been doing is working. ALL. THE. TIME.

I'm going to The Family Values Tour and Mushroomhead next Wednesday and Friday, so I should have something interesting to write about and I might just have some equally interesting pictures.

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Cricket said...

You are such a gorgeous ho bag.