Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Stupid sun and other random thoughts

So, I took the boy the Burton Memorial Day parade yesterday. It was... Well, it was different. See, I'm used to parades in small town, like Durand, where people stay on the curb or the grass by the sidewalk and watch the parade.

The boy and I got there about maybe 5 minutes before and parked near the Speedway on Bristol and Center Rds. I wanted to get a pack of cigarettes before hand, but quickly decided against that when I saw how many damn people were in there. It was kinda freaky. We got our spot near one of the driveways and I sat on the ground so I wouldn't block the view of the people behind me. One of the other moms told me I might want to stand up cuzz it could get violent when it came time for the candy to be thrown. That's when I noticed that all the kids and some of the parents had plastic bags. The boy and I were sorely unprepared.

The parade started and more people came. One group had what appeared to be two moms and like 6 kids between them. One of the moms was saying something about keeping her kids in check cuzz it was just candy. Another mom that was on the other side of me said something to me about tripping the big kid if he started picking on her kid, who was considerably smaller. Then the mom on the other side of me was saying something about it being a bunch of bullshit cuzz it was just candy but she'd throw down if she needed to.

Yeah, it was seriously like that.

I told the boy not to fight with any of the other kids over the candy cuzz he had plenty at home and he did really good. At one point he tried to hand me a handful of Tootsie Rolls to put in my pocket and I told him no (we have this ginormous Tootsie Roll wreath that he got for Christmas that's barely missing a side), so he decided to just put them behind one of the smaller kids so he could "find them". The kid's mom (the one who was ready to trip kids) asked why he did that and I explained so she and her husband were on the look out for different kinds of candy for him.

Quite a few times, the cops had to come over and tell everyone to back up. I didn't realize it, but we had gone from the curb to the double yellow line and the people across the street were at the white dashed line. That was different. LOL

We watched the entire parade. It started at 100 and ended around 230. We got there maybe about 115. So, I was out in the sun for about an hour and a half or so.

Remember how I keep telling you guys how I have a hate/hate relationship with the sun? Well, check out this shit:

The part I circled is the ONLY part of me that got ANY color.

Yeah... No bra and no make-up is pure sex, I know. Try not to jump into your computer monitor trying to get a piece of that. o_O

The boy didn't have school again today. He played outside with some kids he met a few weeks ago all day long. That is, he played outside with them when they weren't in here trying to undue all the fucking cleaning I did today. It would seem that I've been dubbed the "cool mom" cuzz I let the kids play with his toys and have popcicles. Apparently, I am so cool that these kids don't feel a need to knock on my door, they just walk right in. Not too sure how I feel about THAT one.

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Cricket said...

Some people shouldn't be allowed in the sun. I'm one of them, although my 50 spf did hold up for Rolling Thunder on Sunday. Talk about a crowd of people, but at least I didn't hear anyone gabbing about throwing down, I guess because motorcycles can be used as weapons.