Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ugh. Time is being sssssssssllllllooooooooowwwwwwwwww again. At least I only have two hours left to go. I think I'm pretty safe in my assumption that the time being slow thing is due to this being the last day of my work week. I'm totally looking forward to 3 days off. I'm kind of dreading it a little, though. See, the boy, he ADORES going outside. The temp is not supposed to be any kind of comfortable. Since the boy and I both have asthma, that's not a very good thing. Factor in high humidity and you've got asthma attacks just waiting to happen. Which, in turn, means I will have an abundance of whining directed at me, which I loathe. I'm thinking that I might be able to take him walking along the trails at the hospital again, though, which he loved doing the other day. This will give me a chance to get his Albuterol filled so he can take some on his trip up north with his grandparents this weekend. Maybe the catfish will be out again.

I've been exercising for the last week or so. The boy brought that on after the walk along the nature trails. I bought a Gazelle from a friend a while back and the boy loves it. One of his favorite things to do is pester me about using it. If he were a little taller and possibly a little less of the ADD mentality, I'd let him use it more. As it is right now, though, he's either 4ft or just over and that just freaks me out when he gets on it. But, I was feeling like being a nice mommy that night, so after we went on our walk, which included a brief pit stop for tree watering, we went to Kroger and got some stuff to make sandwiches for dinner and then we ventured back to the homestead. After dinner, we watched a couple cartoons and then it was time to exercise! He was so excited. I think it was a little too excited, but since he's 5 everything he gets excited about is, in his words, "the ultimate". Yeah. He told me that when we exercised, it was going to be "the ultimate". *snicker* Anyway, so we did that and then he went to bed and I figured I may as well keep doing it. I haven't used the Gazelle since that night, but, in my defense, I have issues exercising at home in front of anyone but Alex. Since Greg has been home when I get home from work, I've just exercised in morning before work, which doesn't leave me time to haul the Gazelle out from under the couch and use it. He works the night shift this week, so I think Alex and I will be exercising again, which, of course, means mommy gets to drag out the Gazelle. At least I can make sure he's not using it as a jungle gym or something.

I've decided that I am going to map out ideas for a book. I've toyed with writing something like that since I was 11 and had written my first poem, but I never really did anything. I wrote some really stupid short stories and a play or two when I was around 12 or 13, but that's about it. Man, I came across the folder I have with those stories in it a few weeks back. WOW. They were just... Stupid, for lack of a better term. If I remember right, every single one of them involved the main character getting into some type of major car accident. And everyone was named things like Swan and Heaven. I thought I was being SO creative by naming the characters things like that. HA! I've read some happy little romance novels with names like those in them and they struck me as completely cheesy. I had forgotten that I, too, had dipped into the same cheese. I think I might try and stay away from that this time. ^_^ I'm thinking of writing a thriller. Kind of along the lines of Patricia Cornwell. I won't copy her style or anything, but that kind of format is what I'd like to go with. Some kind of crime and how it gets solved and danger! I really like Patricia Cornwell.

Welp, it's stopped raining outside, so I think I'm gonna go blacken up my lungs. I know, I know, I just went on a semi-rant about asthma. But I like smoking dammit!

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