Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Have you ever been so incredibly frustrated with someone it makes your head hurt simply to think about it? Well, if you haven't, be thankful cuzz it sucks.

Everything with my ex-husband is drama. I seriously think he thrives of it. If any of his family read this, I appoligize (sp), but I am so incredibly frustrated that it's unreal. Things were fine. Drama was gone and everything was running smoothly. Now, he's pulling all sorts of stunts that make me wanna just rip my fucking hair out.

Matt has apparently decided that he wants to cut his parents off from him as far as any kind of finances go. That's great! He's 26 years old and should've done that a long time ago. What's bugging me is that he seems to using Alex to do it. He's decided that he wants his finace's brother, who I've know for pretty much ever, to watch Alex. I'm not so sure I'm comfortable with that. It's not that I think Bryan's a bad guy or anything, I just think that 4 kids that are 7 and under are a lot for one person to handle and if Matt's mom is willing to watch Alex, FOR FREE, she should be allowed to do so. I certainly can't afford to pay Bryan anything for watching Alex and I know Alex can be a handful all on his own. It's only every other Thursday and every Friday cuzz that's when I work. When school starts, Bryan would have to take Alex to and from school, which is gonna drain his gas. Matt's mom has no problem taking Alex to and from school. Why change it? He's also been pawning his time with Alex off on other people. He's been asking his grandparents to keep Alex every Friday for the last month or so. He only gets Alex Fridays, when he gets out of work, until Sundays, when I get out of work. When I have him, Alex is always saying that he doesn't get to spend any time with Matt. This Sunday was kind of like the straw that broke the camel's back.

One of his fiance's sons had to go to the hospital. Matt called me ealier in the morning to see about taking him to the ER where I work and I told him about it and blahblahblah. At that point, everything was fine. Around 3PM, I got a call from Bryan's girlfriend. She told me that the little boy was being admitted to the hospital and that Alex and the other kids would be at Bryan's and they needed me to pick Alex up out there. I told her that wasn't a problem. Then about 2 hours later, I get a call from Matt. He was calling to appoligize (sp) to me for having to pick Alex up in Lennon. Well, I kinda pissed Matt off at that point. I asked him why he couldn't have waited to go up to the hospital until I had picked Alex up. After all, Alex keeps saying he wants to spend time with his daddy and Matt knows that, which I also pointed out. He retorted with, "But, Leslee, this was an emergency." Since I know what was going on, I turned the fact that it wasn't a life threatening emergency on him. He got pissed off and told me he didn't call to debate with me. I told him I wasn't trying to debate, merely point out that, yet again, he's choosing the other kids over his own son. He trieed to say something else to me, but I couldn't hear him cuzz the base got loud, so we hung up. I called his mom and asked her to get Alex. In the course of the conversation with Matt, he had told me that Bryan didn't want to watch the kids cuzz he had things to do and that his sister had pretty much bitched him out until he gave in. I figure since Alex is in no way his responsibility, that if Matt's mom could pick him up, it'd be easier for Bryan. She went and got him and everything was fine. Until I went to pick Alex up, at least. Seems Matt and Dannette (his fiance) had put Alex's sandels on the little one who was in the hospital, so Alex had no shoes. Matt's mom was told by another one of the kids that there were "girl sandels" for Alex to wear. Heh. Needless to say, she wasn't too pleased, especially since there has been an on going battle between them about putting Alex's clothes on the other kids. Anyway, she asked Bryan's girlfriend for Alex's nebulizer. She didn't have it. So, Matt's mom took Alex back her place and told me all about that. It's Tuesday and I still don't have his nebulizer. I'm doubting that Matt will take it over to his mom's tomorrow like he just told me he was going to. Way to make sure your son can have his breathing treatments, Matt. Alex says that Matt's been sending him down to the basement playroom to play so he can smoke upstairs, too. That's a HIUGE no-no considering Alex is severely alergic to cigarette smoke. But that's another on going battle, too.

Needless to say, I'm in a not so happy mood at the moment. After I get out of the doctor's tomorrow I think I'm gonna call Friend of the Court and see what my options are. I'm fucking tired of this bullshit.


Cricket said...

Stand up for your kid, that's all you can do. He spends a lot of time running in circles, huh? At least it sounds like his mother is in your corner helping out, but it is crazy scary without the asthma gear.

brite69 said...

She was never in my corner while we were married. It's been since the divorce that she's realized what an ass her son really was/is to me. At least I've got that backing now.

I have a feeling things are gonna get a lot worse before they get any better. He called yesterday and accused me of filing court papers. Seems there was a process server looking for him at his old address, therefore it must've been something I did. Heh. It's probably something from Friend of the Court about all the back child support he owes.

Oh the drama...