Sunday, January 08, 2006

I have decided that I may not be destined to drive a car. At least one that is reliable. In the past month, I have had 3 random things happen to the car my mother lent me that I have never heard of happening to other people. Check this out:

~ About a month ago, I'm driving to work. There's snow and the roads suck. They're slushy and slick, so I'm driving slow and I have the wipers on. I'm silently cussing out the wiper blade on the driver side for missing a ginormous spot directly in my line of vision. As I go through an intersection, I watch said wiper disappear. Not that odd? I'm not talking about merely the blade deciding to fly away on a whirl wind adventure. Oh no. The entire windshield wiper flew off the car. The blade and the arm. O_o

~ Just this past week, I was taking my son to school. I get there, take him to class and get back in the car. I back up and hear this metal on metal clanging sound. I look around at everything in my immediate view, particularly to my left, since that seemed to be where the sound was coming from. I don't see anything, so I figured I'd probably run over something. I continue on my way. I drive maybe a foot and the top of the driver side door drops. I pulled into a parking space and open the door to find that the pin had fallen out. The bottom one is still there, but the top one is lodged between the body of the car and the door itself. Ok, my mom warned me that might happen. I tried to get the pin, but it was reallyreallyreally stuck. I got a pen from my purse and tried to dislodge it. This sends it flying somewhere into the car body, never to be seen again. I drive home, holding my car door on.

~ I make Greg go to the car store while I'm at work on Friday. The pin itself only cost around $6, but I was beyond broke and had to wait till I got paid. He got the pin, but for some reason didn't think to try to put it in the door during the day. Heh. Ok. He came to pick me up from work and we went out for dinner. We get home and attempt to fix the door in the cold, cold Michigan night. I hold the flashlight. I'm guessing this is due to the Greg man and strong, Leslee girl and frail and weak mentality, but whatever. I was cold and didn't much care at that point, long as the door was fixed so I could get to work in the morning. After a few minutes of cussing and pounding, the pin is in. VICTORY! I start talking about how I'll rearrange the cars in the driveway before I leave for work the next morning when I notice the door is not staying closed. We are perplexed. The door is level now, everything should be good. Upon further investigation, the reason is discovered. You know where that part of the door is that latches and keeps it closed? Yeah... Maybe you can show me where the one for that door is cuzz it is completely gone. No idea how or why, it's just gone.


Ugh. So I had to call my mommy at 1130 Friday night since the car gave me the big Fuck You. I asked if she could either take me to work or bring me oil for my actual car and help me open the hood, since opening it by popping the mechanism that keeps it locked and then manually opening it is not a luxury I've enjoyed for over a year. She says ok, asks when she needs to be there, laughs at me (Thanks mom) and then goes back to bed. At this point, I'm pissed off at the cars and I go to bed as well.

This brings us to Saturday. Keeping up?

I wake up a little later than I wanted, but with plenty of time to get my coffee going and not have to rush through my washing ritual. I'm a freak who hates the quiet, so I put my make up on in the living room with the TV on. Since I can't wear my contacts until I actually get ones that are not 2 week disposables going on year numeral 2, I listen to the news or other various things. I had the Today show on and I hear a story about 3 kids in turkey who died from the bird flu. I had just put my glasses on so I could find my foundation and looked up in time to see the 3 little graves. And the floodgates opened with a vengeance! Suddenly I was crying over everything. Those poor kids and their families, the miner in West Virginia who lived and those who didn't, the weather being fucked up. Yes, the weather made me cry. Can anyone say Hello Hormones? That's all I can come up with. So, I finally get myself calmed down and apply my face and finish getting ready for work. I'm having some coffee and a cigarette, thinking my mommy would be there at any moment to take me to work, when my phone rings. The display says Mommy-Home. Uh oh. It's my step-dad calling to let me know that she's on her way but the roads are horrible, so I might want to call and let my boss know I'm probably gonna be a little late. Ok. I call and tell him I shouldn't be more than a few minutes late. This is at 805. I stood in my living room, alternating between pacing and rocking back and forth from foot to foot, until 840. Shift change is at 9AM and it's at least a 45 minute drive. Yay. So, we're on our way and I'm thinking my mom is just being overly cautious. That is, until we actually hit the road. WOW. You could see the sheet of ice that covered the roads. I think her top speed was 30MPH. It was mildly entertaining to watch the big 4x4 trucks pass us all pissy-like, only to spin out just a bit up the road. What was really amusing was waving to them as we drove by. Heheh. I got to work 1/2 an hour late. My boss was surprisingly understanding. Since he doesn't drive, he can sometimes be an asshole when people are late due to road conditions. You can never leave too early, ya know. it took my mother over 2 1/2 hours to make a trip that should've maybe lasted 1 1/2 tops.

Get home last night and Greg and I put oil in Cassie, my for real car. We let her run a bit and she starts sounding like her old self instead of a diesel truck. Awesome. I go outside this morning before I get dressed to let her warm up. I get dressed, guard the headlight I got for Christmas and we're off. Everything is fine, though she is ticking when I accelerate and stalling when I stop. Could just be the battery needs charged up a bit since she hasn't really been driven in a month or so. I'm toolin along when a cop passes me in the opposite lane. Meh. I look in my rear view to see the cop pull a U-ey and then get up on my ass like I was running from a crime scene. Then, he waits. Like 5 minutes to pull me over. O_o He comes up to the window and I've got my license out already. He asks if I know that I don't have any headlight. I looked at him slightly confused and say that I had my parking lights on cuzz it wasn't that dark and if I can avoid drawing attention to the gaping hole in the front of my car, I will. He kinda chuckled and asked if I was gonna get it fixed anytime soon. I proudly held up my new headlight and said I was hoping it would be fixed when I was at work. He found that very comical and let me go on my merry way. I discovered on my drive to work, that everytime I need to stop, Cassie stalls. Toward the tail end of the trip, she was stalling out at 25MPH and just around the corner from work, it took me 3 tries to get her to stay started. She also ticks when I accelerate. I think my poor, poor Cassie may be getting ready to go to pretty green car Heaven.

So, that's been my weekend. I also found out that my ex-husband will essentially be getting a slap on the wrist from the ARMY. I guess his recruiter cousin was able to pull some strings. He'll be in Kentucky for 5 days and then back home, like nothing ever happened. He's getting his job back, so that's good when it comes to my son's medical insurance and child support. I'm not too sure how I feel about his. I mean, I'm glad that he's not gonna be spending forever in jail or whatever cuzz the boy really misses him, but I feel like it's a huge slap in the face to anyone in the military right now. Especially his family. His brother is in the AirForce. he has one cousin in Iraq and another who, last I heard, was gonna re-up and most likely get deployed to Iraq again. Yet, he was able to desert during war time and get off pretty much with nothing. Doesn't seem right.

My divorce will be final tomorrow, January 9. After being separated a year and a half, it'll finally be done. And just in time for my birthday on the 13th. The birthday celebration will also be a divorce party now. Awesome.

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