Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So, I discovered that I can tweak the colors of my layout. And I did. I was trying to see about changing the background to a picture that I have on my computer, but I'm not that techno-savvy. Damn not knowing how to code everything. I do ok on MySpace, but they have little helper things that I can use on there. I wonder if those codes would work over here. Hmm...

I'm procrastinating. I should be cleaning, but I hate cleaning. I should go grocery shopping, but I'm paranoid that I'll be late to pick the boy up from school. So, the shopping will come after I pick up the boy and the nephew from their schools. Should be interesting. I'm thinking I might just put that off until tomorrow, but I think I should probably just suck it up and do it today. We're supposed to get rain tonight and the temp is supposed to drop so drastically that everything is gonna freeze over. I'm expecting there to be no school for either boy tomorrow. Joy.

I tried to get new tires today, but they told me that they didn't have a full set in stock. WTF? I drive a fucking cavalier. They should have tired for a pretty common car. Bastards.

I might come on here later tonight and write more crap. I'm feeling a bit emo as of late and writing is good for the emo soul. I'm just out of words right now. Heh.

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