Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oh dudes.

I feel normal now but this morning? That was a bit rough. I was PLOWED last night. And apparently I was quite the asshole, which makes me AWESOME!

Onward to the photographic evidence!!!

The beginning. While sober.

That is me and my mommy and my sister and her mommy.

Me, Ron (I've written about him before) and Melanee. I met them when I first started doing community theater back in 1997.

My dart girls!

My sister and her mommy again.

My mommy and the brother that joined the ARMY.

I have NO clue what I am giving that look to or why I even felt the need to give that look. But, it amuses me.

Me and the brother.

Aw. Becky, Jesse and me. That pictures so cute that it makes me vomit in my mouth a little. :-P

And that is when it became apparent that, yes, I was drunk and yes, I was having a GREAT time being an asshole!

Singing Three's Company. Damn we're witty.

Ok, so Ron sang and Melanee and I laughed. Hard.

Singing something. Can't remember what. How ya like that inner tube I'm sportin there? o_O

I love that picture of Dawn.

And further proof that the booze kicked my ass. I never dance. Unless I'm drunk. And then I dance very badly. Like how my hair matches the wall? :-P

So, this is where Rhonda and I decide to show the camera our asses. Notice the look on my face. That look gives me away. Fo realz, yo.

When I first saw my sister again (we lost contact for a few years), it was her birthday. When I got to the bar, she was already drunk and she had to tell EVERYONE she saw that I was her sister. It's become a little joke with us. So, there I am, drunk with MY SISTER!

And there I am, drunk with Dawn, who wasn't drunk but insanelt tired.

So, Jesse leaves to go to MEPS tomorrow and then he ships out to Ft. Campbell on Tuesday. Last night, I made Becky sing A Different Kind of Pain by COLD and it just set me off. I don't want him to go. Anyway, I started crying like an asshole and one of us (not sure if it was me or him) decided that we should dance to some song. You can actually see Jesse trying not to cry. And it breaks my heart.

So, there's the photographic evidence for ya! There was quite a turn out. We had a good portion of the place monopolized. And, even better than that, I had a great time. Hooray for being a drunken asshole!


Cricket said...

You did not disappoint! What a great round up. Your hair looked fab. For some reason, I kept noticing your boobs looking fab, too. Do a video of the singing next time.

Very sweet with all the family together. Wishing your brother all my best. Ft. Campbell means air assault - maybe he'll get to do that fun stuff.

Becky said...

You're hair is dead sexxy. And I love the pictures. Sounds like you had a much more excited night than I ever do. Color me insanely jealous.

Manny said...

Awwwww, man! Now you had to go and get me all emotional. And anyone that knows me knows that I keep my emotions buried deep down, tucked into a little ball. Thanks a bunch.

(Great post, by the way).

brite69 said...

Thanks for the hair compliments! It turned out SO much more red than I had anticipated. Kinda like a crayon. LOL And the boobs? Well, they are spectacular, but I think I need to give credit to the brand new bra I bought that day. :-P

Aw, Manny, I didn't mean to make you get all emo! :-P Have I delurked on your blog yet?