Thursday, January 17, 2008

Damn it!

I tried to post MOAR pictures from my birthday (cuzz, really, you guys LOVE to see me drunk! I know you do.) but the way that I had it set up cuts off like half the damned picture. Grr. I hate uploading with the photo thingie on here cuzz it always puts the pictures at the very top of the entry and then I have to cut and paste and cut and paste and I forget which picture is which and which caption goes where and it's all very tedious so I am protesting it.

Well, right now anyway.

I'm working 16 hours today (0700 - 2300 if you're interested), so there's a very strong possibility that I'll get the ambition to repost that entry before I'm done for the night. We shall see...


Becky said...

Good luck! That's a long damn shift.

Myshell said...

hi...I am trying to figure this thing out. Girls night is EVERY Saturday for me now :)