Sunday, December 23, 2007

So, I was gonna update about the laprascopy...

Instead, I'm gonna update about how I kinda almost died tonight.

For real.

I was at Meijer buying vodka and cat litter, cuzz that's what's essential for Christmas merriment. Tried to buy some gum, but I must've left it at the counter since I can't find it anywhere.


I was at the stop light waiting for it to turn green so I could be on my merry little way. It turned green and, not seeing any other cars, I proceeded to go through the light.

Next thing I knew, there was a big red pick up truck coming at me.


I hit my brakes, but I was already in the middle of Center Rd. I heard the trucks tires squeal and looked over to see what looked like smoke coming from the wheels.

I shit you not when I tell you that fuckin truck literally tapped my driver's side door. He managed to stop JUST.IN.TIME.

There was no damage to either vehicle. The grill of his truck was right in the center of my door. MY DOOR.

I may or may not have peed a little, what with thinking I was a goner and all. He looked like he was gonna have a heart attack.

The reason he ran a red light? He hadn't been in the area in a while and didn't know that there was a light there.


So, there will be an update about the laprascopy later. I'm off to drink some more vodka and play with the kitties that are my only company for the next few days.

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Cricket said...

And you lived to blog about it! Hurray! That sure was a close one.

Glad you have four, count 'em, four kitties to keep you company.