Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Check out my Slide Show!

So, I'm more than likely going to take this down come the new year, but here is Christmas at Brite's Homestead. The boy got a shit ton of presents and didn't bitch once about not getting the XBox360 that he was convinced Santa wouldn't need money to get cuzz he builds all his toys. Matter of fact, when he was opening his presents, he kept saying how he had asked Santa for whatever it was and how he must've been really good this year. Thing is, I wasn't the one who took him to see Santa, so I had no clue as to what he had asked for. Guess Santa really kinda does exist! LOL

***Pictures Removed***


Cricket said...

What a great show! He sure looked busy with that incredible loot. Santa must have spent a fortune.

brite69 said...

LOL Santa spent quite a bit, though Santa must give credit to the child support fairy for magically depositing a shit ton of unexpected child support in the account. Keep in mind, though, that all that is JUST from my place. You should see the amount of stuff he got from grandparents! He's pretty much the only grand child for 3 generations and he's the youngest of all the grandchildren ever, so he gets spoiled. A lot.