Sunday, January 22, 2006

Random Thoughts...

So, it seems I was the one with PMS yesterday. Damned uterus.

Matt got his W-2 Friday as well. Yay! Now, if he would just call me back like NOW and tell me when the appointment is that he was supposed to set up yesterday, I will be happy.

I want a new cell phone. I want to buy it NOW. I want one that won't fall apart completely when it hits the ground. Nothing fancy, just durable.

I need new boots for work. these boots smell like dirty feet and ass.


I wanna go out and have a date. Greg does not seem to understand. e tells me that I was just out on Wednesday. Yes, I was out on Wednesday, but that was for darts. And he didn't stay beyond the league part of the night. Bastard.

I want to not have finacial responsibilities anymore. Forever. Everything shall be free for Leslee and her people.

I need to start a cult. I want a following of people. That way, when I say, "my people", outsiders don't look at me and giggle like I'm insane. They will be scared cuzz they will know that I actually have "people" and they shouldn't fuck with me. Or my people.

I want to play Silent Hill again. NOW. I just saw the preview for the movie today, which comes out this spring by the way. I've decided I NEED to see this movie.

I want to see all the people I've not seen in a while. People from high school, people not from high school. You know, people. O_o

I need to lose weight. I've kinda let myself "go" or whatever. When I get my part of the tax refund, I'm gonna become a meth mommy. Or not. I'm leaning more toward the not due to the whole drug testing at work and not wanting my son to be a druggie, but we'll see which wins out. Feel free to create a pool for bets. Winner must split the pot with me.

I'm feeling extremely random today. And sarcastic. not enough coffee? Perhaps. PMS? Most likely.

I discovered a guilty pleasure of mine that I had forgotten about this morning. I love Phil Collins. And mechanics. Mhmm.

I also have this thing for nerds. There are not enough nerds in the world.

I think I'll read my paper now...

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