Saturday, October 29, 2005

Damn. I suck.

Wow. I don't remember when I was on here last. I actually forgot I had it! I happened to be reading some random blogs I have saved in my favorites thingie on my computer and thought to myself, "Hey, that would kick ass if I could comment." Then I remembered I had this and had to figure out my password cuzz I'm ultra smooth and had forgotten it. At any rate, I'm back and hopefully will be updating this more often.

Let's see... Alex is back in school. He was tested at the beginning of the year to see if he'd be placed in Kindergarten or Junior Kindergarten. His grandma (my ex-mother-in-law) was hoping for Jr. Kindergarten and I was all for normal Kindergarten cuzz I know the boy is more than ready for it. So, he and I went in for his testing and then got his haircut. (They were offering haircuts to raise money for the school. He actually got a VERY nice hair cut!) by the time we were done with the haircut, his teacher was ready to tell me his scores. She told me that she thought we had all come to the same conclusion. I'm thinking, "All?" but didn't say anything. They decided he wasn't ready for normal kindergarten wasn't pleased, but I figured I'd give it a go. Maybe he really wasn't and I was being the typical My-Son-Is-teh-Smartz!!!1!1! Mom. I think I was right in thinking he was ready. He's telling me he's too bored to go to school. WHAT?!?! He's 5 years old! I've been trying to get a meeting with his teacher for about 3 weeks now, to no avail. I understand she's busy, but if she can't make time to see me soon, I'm just gonna go ahead and call the Grand Blanc school district and see if they'll evaluate him. If they will and they agree with me, then I'll pull him out of the private school and they can refund my ex-mother-in-law half the money she paid for tuition. I told the ex-husband and he got all uppity, saying, "You know how I feel about that." Sorry, but if it'll be better for Alex, it's gonna happen, regardless of whether or not he has an issue with the school district.

What else... Still at the same job. Going to the company Halloween party tonight for a bit. That should be pretty fun, I think. My roommate and I are going as a duo. She's Capt. Obvious and I am her trusty sidekick, Ranger Redundant. hehehe. I've been practicing saying the same things as people, but differently all day in preparation. I'm borrowing Greg digital camera tonight, so I should have pictures soon.

Not too much else is happening really. Becky's gonna be moving out in a couple weeks, so I have to really crunch some numbers and figure out a budget I can stick to. I have to remember to get the tickets to the COLD concert at The Machine Shop that we're all seeing for her birthday. Um... Darts has started back up. We're still the last place team in the league, but I'm not the last place player anymore! Close, but not quite. LOL

I guess that's it for now. Maybe some random pictures from the last few months to make it interesting...

Or, maybe not. Let me dick around with this a bit more and see if I can figure out how to post pictures with out taking up a bunch of space. I saw that I had a comment to the entry I made forever ago, so if Brock is still reading, I don't want to overwhelm his screen with pictures.

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